Sunday, March 9, 2014

Ship Ahoy: An ocean of food

out at sea
I think it has become clear how I put on so much weight. I have been eating non-stop on cruise. Now, I am feeling a mixture of regret and satisfaction?!? I am such a glutton. The food was just soo good. I will let the pictures do the talking.
Check out my dinner. So dang much food and mind you, it is only one meal. Ahhh.... It was the first day, I thought the calories can't catch up with me that fast :S
Breakfast...Indeed I thought I was breaking fast (which obviously I apparently didn't fast). What was I thinking when I over-eat like this? *sobs*
And for lunch, I thought I needed a lot of energy for the activities. And again, I indulge in food. Gah...
The last meal 
And the last meal, I must have been so afraid that the fridge would be empty and that I will probably never eat such great food (and not pay a cent) that I could consume so much. Gosh...
Before you guys judge, I am not anorexic or anything. I just want to tell you it is super unhealthy to overeat. I have now put on so much weight, it is tragic. I wished I had more self-restraint when it comes to delicious food. :(
Nonetheless, the cruise trip is enjoyable. And I really like the farewell my waiters gave. And if you guys wanna criticize me or drop me words of encouragement or malice to motivate me or feel awful about my eating habits, you can always drop me a e-mail. 
Happy weekends. And remember don't feed yourself too much good food. It is sinful!

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