Saturday, April 19, 2014

Relationshit - Caution! May Contain Love

Relationships aren't always a bed of roses. As the romance flickers, sometimes you may suffer the burnt of a fiery passion.
Fortunately, I have yet to suffer a real heartbreak. But I have seen my friends around me who have experienced such pain and anguish. And honestly, I am at a loss of what to do. In the market, we have a lot of gift ideas for celebratory occasions. And it comes to misfortune, there is just a lack of alternatives.
LOGO- Molala-Logo-Full
Introducing Molala, a fun brand born from "black humour in pink". Molala is a gift store that is dedicated to bad days. Yup, that's no slip of the fingers. It is a gift store to tide you and your friends through the bummer days. The gifts available are very intriguing and hold some element of surprise. But I do have to caution that they are only suitable for friends who can take some tongue-in-cheek humour. Definitely not for the prudes.
Gift Baskets
Here are some of the many gift baskets they hold in the breakup collection (From top left clockwise):
Sister Before Misters Kit: $69.99
Easy Come Easy Go Kit: $39.99
Good Girl Gone Bad Kit: $99.99
Better Than Sex Kit: $199.99
Pick your Own
To give it a more personal touch, you also have the option of customising your gift baskets :)
From top left clockwise:
Revenge Voodoo Doll: $19.95
Sunshine Tissue-Cigarette Box: $7.95
Heartless Cork Coaster: $7.50
Silver Fortune Cookie Box: $19.95
"Burn Your Past" Eco-Soy Candle: $16.95
Paycation Collection Postcards: $17.00
Lucky Penny: $15.00
"For Big Mistakes" Eraser: $7.95
Easy Come Easy Go
I was sent the "Easy Come Easy Go" kit by the lovely Vene and Judith. The delivery took about 3 days and everything arrived in good shape apart from the chocolates. It was slightly melted. But of that is expected. Mine didn't come with a basket so I took the liberty to re-arrange it for a photo shoot :)
HeTox Collection Postcard
These are how the postcards looked and the back is just a nice blank for you to scribble some love notes and seal it with a kiss. I really love the 'Caution May Contain Love'. The irony just made me chuckle. Hur-hur-hur. My knight in shining armor turns up to be an idiot in tin foil...and the white charger he is on is merely just a mule...LOL I came up with the second half of it.
Sleepy Yummy
And of course it came with the Sexy Firefighters Eye Mask. Close your eyes to dream of hot packs and abs...hmm yummy...hehehe...The chocs were really "scrumalicious" and dangerously sinful, from Lindt :) Singapore is really warm so it came melted and a little out of shape. I think if you are staying overseas, you should avoid including food in the gift basket. Either  that, you could always buy a bar to replace it yourself. 
MyTakeYourCakeThe favourite product of  Vene and Judith is the tasty Perfect-Ending Brownie. I am not too sure whether it can be delivered in one piece. My take on the favourite product is the "Ring for a Cuddle" desk bell. It can be used even after the break-up. Ring for a cuddle from your new love...hugggs :) 
PackagingAnd check out their gorgeous packaging, I did a re-arrangement. Maybe you guys can do that too to display the gifts to your loved ones? Do you think Vene and Judith may hire me for my "open-packaging"? Added some hand-folded stars for a dreamy feel. 
Hope you like my review on Molala. Now you know where and how to mend a heartbreak?

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