Friday, February 27, 2015

Sawadee Cup, Thycupbearer!

If you have collaborated with me before, I can be quite slow on my reviews. Sticks tongue out. Busy la. Hehehe.
But this collaboration made me really, really excited. I just unwrapped it this evening and it is now up on my blog. Like what?!?
Presenting Thycupbearer! Here you can find hand drawn cups as gifts for all occasions! You may add a name or any words or quotes of your choice. Or maybe even dream out something and get Thycupbearer to customise it for you.


White, black, blue, brown, light blue and purple porcelain cups are available. I thought the light blue and brown were really pretty. It is those unique colour that is pretty rare in the market. I didn't review them cos my BF is more of the conservative, boring nature tone type of people. Yea, by now, you know. Gah!

enamel cups

And they even have old school enamel cups. So darn cute and very suitable for corporate events with "Shanghai Night", "Old School" themes. I wanted to review them but they were OOS. Bummer. :(

But you have to admit that even if you don't use them for cups, they look really good as pencil holders or even vases/pots to grow little plants in. *Sigh*


Thycupbearer do design cups for corporate events and have even worked with ERA. So you don't have to hesitate contacting them for quotes. If you look through the Facebook gallery, you would notice the improvement in the drawings on the cup. It is like seeing her master the art of "cupicature" and "cupligraphy".


I particularly like their Christmas edition cos I think I have a thing for simple strokes that make pretty pictures. This look pretty awesome to have at a wedding too :) Really an awesome gift that is not for a specific gender.

In fact, you should really go to their Facebook, cos the owner herself takes very lovely pictures and would give my photography skills a good run for its money.


Hehe, so I opted for couple cups. Cos I am kinda of hanging out at my BF's house really often and I don't have my own cup there. :( He has a cup at my house already! Kinda unfair huh? I am just calculative when it comes to this. It is slightly different in colour (Purple and Black) for easy identification.

So I customised a Love Chualaddin and Jasminern...cute nick huh? :) I know all lovers are a bit dumb and mushy. :P And also had quotes at the back "Live every moment. Laugh everyday. Love beyond words." We don't have any lover's quotes etc. But when I saw these lines, I think it pretty much summarised how I feel life should be. So, I wanted my BF to remember to live a happy life and be reminded every morning he sips his coffee from this cup.


I bet you are curious how delivery is done since they are very fragile items. We did it by post, yup by post. And they came nice wrapped in plastic, mummified with newspaper and very, very much in one piece. Impressive huh?

I did have a really fun time unwrapping it. Layers after layers, I ripped it off anticipating what was inside. Thycupbearer 's mission to spread joy, love and laughter succeeded. I was delirious with the cups.

Processed with VSCOcam with p5 preset

Sorry, but no prize for guessing the owner's name Haha. I know you are interested and very curious. I have linked Thycupbearer Facebook. And they have collaborated with Sunday Morning Celebrations so you may find their products there if you are interested in feeling and touching cups. (Oh god, my mind is one lewd one coming with such bad puns)

Address: 30 Seng Poh Road, #01-259, S(168898)

So see you and goodnight, my eyelids are droopy!

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