Wednesday, April 15, 2015

LinenMe: Fashion Show with Elle and Muji

It was after my exam so I was feeling eager to relax. And what's better than attending a fashion Show. Thank you Elle for the invites!
Linen MeI am pretty sure most of you are familiar with the brand Muji, especially for their stationary. It is really something my friends dig cos they are affordable and of great quality. But for me I love their furnitures and beddings best. God knows why. But they always gave me the feeling of my idea house - comfortable yet chic.
I do know that they do sell fashion apparels. But usually, I am too busy checking the prices of the bedding and drooling over their collection of food. But after seeing some of their Linen fashion products, I did see a few pieces that caught my eye! :)
Fashion Parade
Generally, linen fashion used to be really "in" in the past. Kinda of glad it is back in fashion cos linen is soft and airy. It is really suitable for our weather and it allows us to layer which we can't really do that with many other materials. Personally, I feel linen is more of causal than professional so I don't find it particularly suited for work since it creases easily.
During the fashion workshop segment, the coordinator was telling us how easy it was to pull off such fashion. I do have some doubts HAHA! Cos I am not tall and twig legs. Sigh and I do think there is a high chance I would look like a frumpy housewife with my stubby legs. My BF was like -.- when I commented he must not have met me when the coordinator remarked "Nobody could go wrong with these!"
But I did like their cover-ups and some of their dresses, even trudge a piece home, like what! Honestly, I am not much of a plain fashion lady so perhaps this style doesn't resonate that well with me. 
And my favourite shot of the day. Love this model a lot cos she was really smiley. The rest of the models just made me felt they weren't paid enough for the show. But overall, it was still a very exciting experience cos usually my BF can't last through any fashion show. So yea to the full experience!
Who stole my dumping
Haha, ending off with proof that stupid BF stole my Xiao Long Bao. Sad :(

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