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Seoul Good: 10 Food you must eat

I never see myself as someone being hit by K-wave. But maybe I am a K-fan cos I super duper love authentic korean cuisine! If you ever step foot on the land of the kimchi, these are places you cannot miss and must experience for yourself. From all the food blogs, the BF and I have consolidated the 15 hits in Seoul.
Not all are inside, cos of the food I had it in Jeju (at a better price!) The Korean Chinese food in Singapore is more suited to my taste buds, so not much mentioning of it. The rest were misses, so not worthy of mentions.
55 Beonji Ramyon
  1. 55 Beonji Ramyon
Cheap and good, it is located at Samcheong-dong, a place would most tourists would walk through to do your souvenir shopping. We had the Jiamppong ramen and Bulgogi ramen. It is really flavourful so don't miss it.
55-1 Hwa-dong, Jongno-gu
Seoul, South Korea
(44-6 Bukchon-ro 5ga-gil)
Tel: +82 2 722 2997
Gwangjang Market
2. Gwangjang Market
It is a good place to find good and delicious breakfast. My opinion is there is no best store since all of them are pretty much selling the same thing. See what you like and throw it inside your tummy. The coffee there was of cafe/Starbucks standard and coffee shop price! The azuki bean porridge is very healthy tasting. I don't like it. Bleh. Naeng myeon and the Bindaetteok were good!
88 Changgyeonggung-ro,
Jongno-gu, Seoul, South Korea
3. Nolboo 
Budae-jjigae is the easiest to prepare Korean dish. Instant noodles and sausages taste best!!! Really good after a cold day. No address here because they have plenty of outlets. Their website is in Korean, so you may need some help. We sought the help of our lovely hosts. I think all army stew taste the same anyway, anywhere.
4. Noryanjin
This is a place more for the experience than the price. I am no marketer (people that visit wet market) so I am not very certain seafood prices. But, I believe it is still cheaper than in Singapore, which is why we are feasting on abalones. You can also challenge yourself to have the live octupus (sannakji). Seafood lovers, this is a must come!
688 Nodeul-ro,Dongjak-gu,
Supermarket Snacks
5. Supermarket Snacks
I can imagine people questioning why is this even in the list. Snacks are good and cheap. If you are always hungry, these are good alternatives! Nowadays, all these snacks can be bought in Singapore, at pricier tag. So don't be stupid like me, sitting on my luggage to close a bag full of snacks. :(
Hyo Ja
6. Hyo Ja
Eat like the president, get those buns yo. There is a queue and the good stuff really run out fast. I managed to get onion cream bun and it was heavenly. My only regret was being able to bring any home. :( I walked 2Km for it and it was worth nearly breaking my legs for it. They don't speak English by the way.
54, Pirundae-ro,
Jongno-gu, Seoul
Korea Street Snacks
7. Street Snacks
Just eat whatever you meet on the way. Of course, some snacks like my favourite Tteokbokki, you would see it every turn. Bokki candy, you don't see it everywhere. :( Of course, you risk overeating. You can always replace 5. with 7. :P
8. Bonjuk Myeongdong
Another breakfast place for tasty porridge. It is at Myeongdong, the cosmetics street so it is quite convenient. The portion is super big. But you have to order one bowl per pax. :( Not that it is expensive, the price is very reasonable. Thumbs up.
618-283 Yeongdeungpo-dong,
Yeongdeungpo-gu, Seoul, South Korea
9. Jiyugaoka
The cafe culture is raving in Korea. IT seems that the koreans really like sipping a good coffee, munching on some delightful pastries to pass their time. Tourists won't have time to try out all their cafe. This cafe is good and along the way. So I recommend it. It was on Lady Iron Chef website as well (although I have to say not all his list is a hit :( )
Yunposun-gil 46
Siloam Sauna
10. Siloam Sauna
After eating so much in Korea, you definitely need to detox. If you visiting the Jjimjilbang at Siloam Suana, don't give their food a miss. Yummy. Anyway, slapping eggs on people's head unlike Korean dramas hurt like !@#$. Just saying, in case any romantics-wannabe does that.
49 Jungnim-ro, Jung-gu
Freshly breaded in-store with a special batter, these juicy wings are cooked to crispy perfection and coated in your choice of two bold flavours – choose between the Japanese-inspired tangy yet savoury Umadare and the Korean-inspired sweet and spicy Yang Yeum. Who will be crowned king of the wings? You decide.
KFC Wings_CRT Tactical Poster_289x336Hmm-pf_N1
Pick a side and be part of KFC’s greatest wing-off. Hashtag #kfcoishii to support Umadare or #kfcmashisoyo to support Yang Yeum on Instagram!
I vote for #kfcmashisoyo obviously. What about you?
Check out my other post on the taste of the Korean Wings. You don't need to fly there to eat it. Yipee!

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