Thursday, September 24, 2015

A Quarter a Century

Omg, I sound like incredibly old, like a vampire. Haha. But we all grow up, grow old (hopefully not stale) one day.
Possibly one of the best B-day cos it falls on a holiday!!! The BF doesn't have to take leave and can spend quality time with me!!! We started off the day with an 爱心早餐. Just in case, everyone thinks he is the sweetest guy on Earth again, I suggested the idea myself. Cos after 25 years of wisdom, I have learnt that to avoid disappointment, don't hope that people can read your mind and know what you want. Cos they can't and don't!
After a hearty salty breakfast (it is supposed to be macs and cheese by the way), the vampire in me went for a good ole vamp movie. Hotel Transylvania 2. Sorry, but the young vampire can't take horror so we went for something more family friendly. Haha.
Fog Haze
So on the day when everyone wished my a happy birthday, I felt obliged to bless everyone with something too in return. And so I hoped for a day of fogginess no higher than my PSLE score. (No way, the haze should be smarter than me HAHAHA) That got me a lot of (mlm) from my friends HAHAHA! Guess my wish came true! Went everywhere with my mask, so no need to block my friend's faces! Save my photo editing time.
Starbucks Cake!!! Had it for snack and ended up being too full for lunch. My friends even gathered on my birthday for me. Actually, I can't be sure about that. They are probably just meeting up since it is a public holiday and coincidentally my birthday. Maybe Facebook reminded them or something. They probably didn't even remember *sobs*
Neh. But I like to think otherwise. So when the BF went to collect my birthday cake, my friends entertained me and made sure the BF did no wrong to me until dinner time. And of course, some of them flooded me with gifts!!! The presents are still more important than their presence. :P 
Had dinner at a nice restaurant which serve really good vegetarian food - J's. The perk of having a foodie as a BF is that you always get to eat good food, of course at the expense of an expanding waist line. But the food here is really fantastic. I like all the dishes! I am definitely coming here again.
What we had for 2 (but would have been good for 3):
Poppers - $17
Paella - $28
Quesadillas - $22
Churros with Bananas & Mangoes - $12
Blowing Candles
Ended the day with our traditional birthday cake - Fickle Feline from Cat & the Fiddle. (Psst...go online to search for discount code to buy it cheaper!)  We always get the same cake for each other birthday! My candles are multi-coloured. You probably can't see it that well in the photos but in the video it is quite obvious. (You can check it out on my Instagram!) Although it is rather unglam, but my candles blowing technique is worthy to note.
I always take that ridiculous deep breathe and blow all my candles at 1 shot to make sure my wishes really do come true. Speaking of which, I can't even remember what I wished for...Ahhh~~~

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