Saturday, December 26, 2015

Merry Xmas: Cashback Year

Merry Xmas
Merry X'mas everybody! My family is finally back! It was really super lonesome and tiring without them because I had to do everything myself and couldn't take decent photos without my brother. :(
Hope you like the Catmas photo. It is from my friend. You can follow her on her art pieces here which she doesn't consistently post her art up but she is open to commission pieces!!! Help her earn a few bucks!
Speaking of bucks, I realise I have quite a few discount codes and would appreciate if you guys could sign up for me. I have created a page to consolidate them. That's how many codes I have and did a brief write-up on how it may work for you. Click here to let me share some of my wealth with you! (We have all spent too much for Xmas need to cash it all back!)
It is pretty much you get X bucks I get X bucks too or more sort of deal. It is really fair and is a case whereby I scratch your back, you scratch mine too. Yeah to no more itchy backs! And if you really want to support me, you could become my patron (I can actually play a few instruments *certified too*! Haha or just click on the links at my side bar that will give me ice-cream money over time.

A really merry lame video! This X'mas I realised that the Top 10 household electronics are
  1. Washing Machine - For clean, nice smelling clothes. Heng I learnt it before my Mum left.
  2. Vacuum Cleaner/ I-Robot - Dono how to use the former and don't have the latter. Nearly broke my back keeping the house clean
  3. Electric boiler - Cos the screeching sound is irritating. I have been using the electric boiler since it was invented. Best invention ever!!!
  4. Standing Steam Iron - Can't seem to get the clothes crisp ironing the normal way. So I am buying this new invention once I have a house of my own.
  5. Induction Cooker - Can't start a fire for nuts without burning myself. I need to have this.
  6. Dishwasher - Cos I saw my friend's mum use it and this thing is gold. Can't wait for a fad to take over Singapore so the price falls and I don't have to let my poor hand be exposed to soap duds!!!
  7. Toaster/ Oven - Easy way to cook food. When I am overseas, it was always throw it in, set the time, do my own stuff, collect the food , eat. Easy Peasy
  8. Pressure Cooker - For delicious healthy soup
  9. Rice Cooker - Cos you can at least prepare 3 dishes with this equipment!!!
  10. Fridge - Face masks feel soo good chilled!

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