Sunday, January 24, 2016

Review: Beaute By Kew

CNY is around the corner and everyone is busy grooming themselves to look their best! Well, I personally feel you should look your best every day not just on particular festival, so I don't really quite get the frenzy. I am only in it for the red packets. Wahaha!
So for those of you who are looking to tame some hair in more subtle areas -near the parts where the sun doesn't shine, I came across this quaint beauty house - Beaute By Kew.
Beaute By KewFrom the exquisite exterior, you may mistake this place to be a cafe. Situated near Outram Park under a void deck, who would expect Beaute By Kew to be a winner of the Spa Awards. P.S The winning organic facial is the "Organic Black Chicken Remedies Aquadermabrasion Facial"
I didn't try out this facial so I can't comment much on it. But I tried out 2 other treatments - hair related which may be of interest to some of you. The first treatment I tried was Brazilian Waxing. It is not exactly my virgin experience so I pretty much knew what to expect. 
For those who are curious, I have included a BuzzFeed video. Haha, I didn't yelp though I grimaced. Personally, I think it is rather painful even though it is more hygienic cos well hair trap sweat which in turn feeds the bacteria. The bacteria FYI is the cause of the musty stench.
No photos, cos this is not a pornographic blog. Lol! My understanding is that this used to be a more "in" thing for women who are in lines whereby beauty is of great importance - modeling, entertainment, air stewardess etc. However, recently it is now trending even for everyday ladies.
Beautue By KewCheck out the beds where the "magic happens"! Haha. If you swim a lot or wear bikini a lot, maybe you may want to try out Brazilian Waxing. Or perhaps because out of the request of your sexual partner? For me, I have quite a high tolerance of pain but I won't really want to go through it again cos I am not very used to seeing myself bald :P
And a tip, I learnt at Beaute By Kew. For you ladies or men that have ingrown hair, the best way to prevent this is to scrub away the dead skin. Tried and tested. This really works!! 
The second treatment I tried out was the Upper and Lower Lip IPL. Was supposed to test it out on my pits but I have fair/ hairless pits so there was no point testing it there. Should my pits now be my greatest pride and joy? a place where no one can see. least I can wear sleeveless dresses and tops confidently! :)
I have tried IPL before so I sort of under-estimated the ant-bite. Compared to other parts of the body, the lip is rather sensitive so the pain is slightly magnified but very bearable. I actually edited the photo a little so my whiskers are more obvious. (I don't have a mustache! Even if it look so in the photo.) In reality, I don't think they are that obvious. Whiskers are quite a subjective thing. I saw once in a Taiwanese show whereby some people call them a mark of beauty. But I do know people who see it as a sign of masculinity and can't wait to get rid of them.
For you ladies who prefer to do your beauty treatment in a place which have nice decor and is clean, Beaute By Kew is the place for you. There are direct buses from town so it is rather accessible. I generally feel that the whole layout is like a show-flat, so interior design take-away. Even the toilet looks gorgeous. OMG!
I saw a quote there by my favourite lady. Will probably add on another line to it since my age group is not mentioned.
You can be blooming at 20 
gorgeous at 30 
charming at 40
and irresistible for the rest of your life.
Black Chicken
Some of you may be familiar with the organic product - Black Chicken. Beautue By Kew is actually the distributor in Singapore. So you can get them there. And nope, I didn't try out the collection cos as you may know organic products are rather pricey compared to those at pharmaceutical store.
I visited Beautue By Kew in the afternoon. On that fateful day, even before noon, I have made myself poorer by 4 digits. No more funds to spend...sorry readers. My cards are fully maxed out. (That's why I hate taking off from work!!!) You may need to review the products yourself and share them with me instead. :)
Beautue By Kew Promotion
But I still have good news to share, some promotions for you readers to enjoy! Yeah! And it is extended to after CNY and even V-day too. Yea, one step closer to looking good every day!!!
Brazilian waxing - $48 per session
Upper lip/Underarm IPL Hair Removal 20% off U.P.$128 (1st trial)
Promo is valid to new female customers aged 18 years and above.
Exp. 28/2/2016

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