Friday, April 22, 2016

Funky Find: Try and Review Website

Try and Review
So, I actually came across this site - Try and Review via a friend. And he told me it is a scam. But cos I am a freebie girl (LOL as true as a Singaporean can get). I waywardly insisted on signing up for an account too. I even bid to become tester. But the thing is, I never really thought I would become a tester because there seems to be so many people and so little items up for grabs.
Jeju Lily Face Mask
So one fine day, I actually became a reviewer for their Jeju Lily Face Mask. It is retailing at a reasonale price of S$1.80 at Guardians. This packet of Face Mask is super liquidy, which I like cos you can spread it on every part of your body, so it feels that even your hands and legs are being pampered.
Honestly, I don't know what a Jeju Lily is, but this mask has a very nice, therapeutic fragrance. Results-wise, I didn't see much difference. I still look shagged. Of course, it could be cos I only used 1 face mask. But hey, I only receive one face mask.
Try and Review
Some of you may be thinking now, should I test out as a tester? Seems like it is so much work for $2, which I can afford on my own. It is kinda true cos most of the products that are being tested are on the low end and you are requested to do a social media post on it. But given our poor economy, if you don't have spare cash to "try" and be adventurous, this is quite a good platform.
This is my first time and for all you know my last time, maybe everyone only got 1 try? These are questions that pop in my head too. But the good news for you (bad news for me though), social influencers have no priority or separate gift boxes. :( I definitely think I should be rewarded more since I am writing so much lines about it (This means work!) Tell me what you think? If you have signed up, have you became a reviewer for anything yet? 

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