Saturday, April 30, 2016

Encharmted: Mother's Day Edition

This is a mother's day dedicated post, and so my Mum has happily graced in a video first time ever. Haha. She is not the best model, so please don't judge her alright.

Well, Mother's Day is next weekend and daughters around the world are fretting. (Yes, I realised guys don't really fret over this much. My brother has gleefully sort of assigned the Mother's Day duty to me.) If you think getting a perfect gift for your better half is difficult, the same goes for Mum. Each year, you still need to top the last.
So, what you saw in the video is a customised bracelet. For those of you who can't afford Pandora or have a thing against Pandora and their over-priced charms, this is a very good alternative to please your Mum. 
Encharmted Bracelet
Here's a closer look of this chain. Basically, you can add on as many or as little charms or window plates as you like. You actually can make something just for your Mum and she doesn't really has to worry about wearing the same thing as another woman out there. With a plier, you can easily remove the charms yourself. Otherwise, I would recommend you the Clip on Dangles.
I consulted my brother whether we should give our Mum this bracelet as her Mother's Day Gift and he was like "yea, very nice, she will like it!" And not only did she like it, she was glad she didn't have to share it with me because of the "Mom" window plate. It is as though she has been given all the rights to it. Bleh.
Memory Locket
If you remember a few years back, there was this trend on memory lockets and there were so many people selling sky-rocket price, which was kinda of annoying. Now, this fad kinda of died down. So if you want to get one for Mum, yourself or your friend, now is the time. And get it from Encharmted. Theirs are the cheapest in the market I have seen to date (actually there is much players in the market also.)
So what are memory lockets? For those who have never heard of this, it is basically a transparent locket where you can place tiny items (flat of course) in it. Usually, how most people use it would be to commemorate an important milestone which happened in your life. You wear it close to your heart so that you will be reminded of it.
So this is the Mother's Day version, which comes with a frozen flower in it. You can pick window plates instead of charms but personally I think charms look nicer because you can store more memories in it. 
For the owners at Encharmted, this actually meant to be a dog tag. I think it quite a cute idea to put your address details in it and hang on your pets. But my pet is tortoise. It will never will lost and it will never let embellish me no matter how much it loves me (or the food I gave it.)
Floating Locket
One half of the locket is bejeweled for girls who live their bling and the other side is a classic plain. Initially, I like the plain, cos I am a plain Jane. Lol. But because I was wearing this really simple dress, I decided an eye-catching accessory would work better. It is really great when you want to change your look, you can just do a simple flip.
Another great thing I want to highlight is that the locket is secured using magnets. So you won't hear the click sound, and won't have to worry about wear and tear. What if one day the clip breaks and my memories scatter around the dirty pavements!!! #Firstworldproblems. Don't worry your pretty mind over this.
Who Posed Better
Lastly, a PK between Mum and I. Would love to say I am better, but cos I love her so she can have the glory. So, all of you readers out there, I wish your Mum an early Happy Mother's Day. And for those who has yet to get anything for your Mum, here's Encharmted for you.
P.S. They always say they don't want anything. But they are always the happiest when they receive something. LOL!