Monday, May 9, 2016

Desperate Housewife: Culinary On

By now I am sure you all pretty much know I am a desperate housewife-wannabe. But I am not the most domesticated creature on Earth. Haha. Better off in a corporate world than trying to be a professional homemaker.
Nonetheless, I am always eager to improve my shortcoming and you will always see me attending cooking lessons trying to pick a skill or 2. This time round, the BF got us an "alternative date" as how the host put in. We went to Culinary On for a cooking bonza.
Culinary On
Some of you may have already heard of it - Culinary On. It is one of the latest cooking team-building center in town literally (they are right in the heart of the CBD area!) Being excitable about cooking as usual, the BF and I were one of the earliest there and thus tada, I managed to get great photos of the empty kitchen.
Culinary On is definitely the most atas cooking class I have been to. And I thought TOTT was high-class. This is the first class I have been to with a bar at the back of the kitchen for you to grab a glass anytime you like. (Yea!) It is not part of the fees but the wine prices are reasonable. :) And I love the pre-class snacks which were OMG so super yummy!
Like most cooking lessons, you start off with the chef giving you some basic instructions before being hurried off to prepare your own dinner. It is definitely more westernised compared to the local cooking classes with music in the background. But there was a lot more laughter and the learning environment was more open.
The participants are a mixture of local and Caucasians. For people are a bit more introverted in nature, you can always go to the bar and get a drink if it makes you less tense. Here's a picture of le BF attentively listening. P.S. He is a very talented cook and looks 1000X more attractive when whipping up a meal <3

Also, here's a video of the fancy cooking you can expect at Culinary On. Our cameras weren't fully prepared the last time Chef D'Angelo impressed us. But this time, you could see we were all ready, thanks to his cue! :)
All the chefs there are renown in the culinary world for their skills. All of us got a chance to participate and help out in the preparation of the dinner for the day. Usually, I don't go into the kitchen much. Not because I choose not to step in, but it is my Dad's territory. Nobody messes with his kitchen so I am very happy when I get to help in cooking. It is like being treated as a responsible grown up. 
\Noodles Team

I think it is quite obvious I am not much of a cook but I am very thankful to the team the BF and I were assigned with. The ladies were fantastic cooks. But they were very kind and encouraging. Heard of "too many cooks spoil the broth", what more a bad cook right?
I was initially shy and a bit scared of destroying their good work. Maybe I have met too many unforgiving people in life. They were really sweet and even taught me and the BF to knead the dough. Chef D'Angelo also engaged in a lot of manageable task and helped me to build my culinary confidence. :D FYI, we even made our own pasta noodles.
Pasta and Steak
Tada...what I created!!! If you wondering if food made by yourself truly taste better, the answer is YES! The pasta was the best I have ever tasted. The steak and dessert as well. I never knew I could prepare a meal worthy to be served at a restaurant. #MasterChefInTheMaking
The biggest takeaway from this class was really the joy of cooking. For our new house, the BF and I are thinking to modify our kitchen in such a way the kids could help out in the kitchen. Do you know that the Italians actually gather around during food preparation as bonding? During the preparation of our dessert, the class was gathered at a table chopping and mixing together. Though we are strangers, it was still very heart-warming. It is nice to have a common goal :D
And...I graduated from the cooking master class! Brilliant or what. Chef D'Angelo said I should cook more at home. I enthusiastically nodded my head. But of course, maybe when I have my own house then it would happen. For now, I am still under FLC (Father's Loving Care) haha!

The bigger fear would probably be cleaning up. For cooking classes, I don't really have to wash up after my creation :P No worries, just earn more money so that I can afford a dishwasher or a helper! #positive

Team Photo
Ending off with a team photo. The BF commented that for all the team shots we took, my mouth is always open and cheering along.  I get into the mood easily, cannot meh! People feeling awesome what! 

Till next time folks. I think the BF and I will be venturing there again once we have some spare cash in hand. It is pricey but the experience is worth the money and the hype. It is almost the same price as fine dining, but with hands-on action on your side! 

~Cooking is fun~

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