Saturday, October 15, 2016

Giftopia by Sample Store

I am sure by now you would know that most of my facial products are obtained through Sample Store. If you are not a member yet, please click on the links to sign up because there are occasional freebies and the products they hold are at a very attractive price. :D
So every year, they would have a major "event" or "revamp" that is really exciting! There will always be new sponsors and new products to look out for. So when Giftopia was launched, I was literally over the moon and was waiting for the day to come. 
So early morning, I eagerly went for the launch. There were so many things to do and products to check out. There were new beauty box launches and many of my favourite "overseas" brands available for sales. And...there were also some new products that I was unfamiliar with that made me burn in curiosity.
Apart from stalls that are selling products, there were booths set up for beautiful temporary hand-drawn tattoos and manicures <3 I also watched an interview. Now then I know that you don't really have to speak very loudly and the mic can actually block out noises. I expected the host to be shouting. LOL #shallow.
There were a lot more variety this time round with handmade products, accessories etc and they are going at amazing discounts!!! Personally, I like having other stalls that are not beauty-related around. Sometimes, not all your girlfriends may be into beauty products so having stalls that branch out into other genres can keep them entertained.
Perhaps we should also have some side stalls for boyfriends too HAHA. I saw a few bored spouses as their women browse through the cutest handcreams, latest shampoos and gorgeous make-up products. Car maintenance stalls next?!?
And if you are going tomorrow, please do not bring too much things. You don't even have to bring your own bags cos a tote bag will be thoughtfully provided. With face masks, sun blocks, serums etc., I think I have gotten most of my beauty needs covered for the next year LOL. Pretty excited about testing them out!
Which is why I think all ladies should join Sample Store. This are all the potential samples that you may get to try out. Most of them, the products I try out are mostly sample size. But there are times you may retail-sized products. And before I go overseas, I would always redeem the sample sized products because they are cheaper than the travel sized products sold in pharmaceutical stores. (For less than S$5, you can choose up to 4 samples!!)
Check out some of the post cards I got myself!!! So, you may be wondering by now if Giftopia is the giving of samples and discounts. is actually a project to bring back the joy of sending postcards. I live in more of an era where technology rules. The only time I sent postcards home was when I was overseas. But I do enjoy writing letters/ emails. :D
The postcards come with pre-paid stamp so for any of you youngsters (like I am an old lady LOL) who would like to try out penning postcards, you can consider getting a few. They have really nice designs and I really love the cards with meaningful quotes because even if you don't send them out, you could always frame them as mini motivational posters :)
Hope to see you all next time at any of the Sample Store events. Don't judge me if you see me auntying around. Hehe.

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