Saturday, November 5, 2016

Bridemaid Duties: Awake for 19 Hours Part 1

If you are a local or Chinese reader, you would know that Chinese weddings are more often than not burdened by tradition and is very, very exhausting. Because I managed to marry off another girlfriend, I was invited to be one of the bridemaids.
For all of you girls out there who has never been a bridemaid before, you would probably think that this is an all fun and games assignment tasked to you by your close girlfriends. Even I thought the same thing, how difficult can it get right? Just torture a few bestmen, hang a few props, ask for ang pao!!! How difficult can it get.
But planning starts weeks before the actual big day. *Gulps*. With exams and work, there was a point in time I thought "Maybe I shouldn't have committed. One of them had to go. Priorities. Priorities. Priorities." It even further solidify all my previous thoughts that "I am not going to have a traditional wedding ever."
My friend was honestly very nice and understanding for a Bride (until the night before the actual wedding when she asked to practice eyeliner at 11pm. #Bridezilla). The bridesmaid as a whole I felt wasn't tasked as much as other weddings. (I still ask around and do research.) :P And, I think because I had so many exams (and probably blur AF), my tasks always was always pair-work effort. Yeah!
Just to clarify that I do do important roles. I was one half of the heart balloon pumper on a 20 mins photoshoot ride (the whole car was on the verge of bursting with balloons), 1/5 of the props packer/ food maker, 1/4 of the tea ceremony cup bearers/ decorations. And the official time keeper of the gate crash. 不能误了时辰!
The day started off at 5am with us preparing to look pretty (eyeliner life skills as the bride puts it) and the torture food. I didn't really know the 2 other girls but at the end I have to say we did become closer (after being brutally bullied by the professional gatecrashers). The guys team were a lot stronger with max. record holder at 15 times. How to beat that?!? They can literally eat anything and play any games with ease.
For the girls side, our most experienced lady is 3 with a bunch of virgin bridemaids. LOL, they pass us ang pao we happily think can open door liao. (Thank god the videographer/ photographer told us to check for any wrong currencies). We received empty and weak currencies ang pao! Lol, and we thought we had a lot of ang pao. But I have to say it is important to have experienced people in the team. Cos the boys, okay man (all older than me), were very helpful during the tea ceremony to make sure all in order. Cos I think the process better than us after going through so many rounds of training and practice.
For us, our schedule was gate-crash -> photoshoot ->Tea ceremony by halfday. During the night, this photo was one of them being played in loop and people say I dazed liao. (Default dazed face please. LOL) The rest of the photo ain't up yet so there will be a part 2. You can check the album out. I thought the photographer was pretty sharp at capturing lots of nice photos. 
Just wanted to rant about my bridemaid dress saga a little here too cos I had such difficulty finding it. Every dress my friend approved and I liked just went OOS just when I made purchase. Even Zalora rejected my chosen dress on deficiency of quality after I happily made orders. Eventually settled on the Eline Asymmetrical Hem Midi Dress in Navy from Intoxiquette. The quality was pretty good so it is now one of my favourite store. You can check out the other photos to see how it looks on me!
---End Part 1---

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