Saturday, November 12, 2016

LOTD: Bridemaid Peacock

A lot of people told me I looked pretty on point that day, so I am going to dedicate a post all to myself, from head to toe literally. :P
Let's start off first with the nice hairdo. I wanted to use this opportunity to try out something, so that maybe I can use it for my own ROM next time. The theme of the bridemaids coincidentally was braids. Braids are really beautiful on long hair <3
The photo on the left was what I showed the hairstylist. I think she did a pretty good job replicating it for S$30. My Dad said the hairstyle suited me cos I had a big head (-_-) The hairstylist thought it was a good choice since I was in a halter. Personally, I love it cos it is a nice change. But I have a very thick head of hair. Halfway as we were preparing the registry table, my hairdo actually collapsed.
I ran out the hall barefooted back to the hairstylist, and banging into my BF of all people. (T.T) Told him I was pretty bummed cos I wanted to show off a pretty me to him. And he caught me hair all messy again, like always. He said it was fine, looks great regardless. In the end, my hair was held up by 20 pins. LOL and I had to do a headshake to test the robust-ness. The hairstylist even chided me to be more demure.
Make-up of the day: The theme in my very humble opinion was peacock and the pea-hens. Haha.
Mascara: ZA Killer Volume Mascara (One of my fav mascara, cos it is cheap and good)
Scent: Silky Girl French Flower (light, floaty fragrance. Mmmm... Silky Girl is also another one of the cheap,good brands)
Eye Liner: Kate Slim Eye Pencil (My friend gave it to me cos I didn't have any at the moment. Usually I would use Silky Girl. My friend said this wasn't good for oily eyelids, but it worked well for me. Only grouse, it couldn't retract back.)
Make-up Brushes: The Body Shop (There was a time I was so mad about the shop. All my cosmetics came from there. Haha. Think it is really important to invest in a good set because you use it for a long time.)
Lipstick: Etude House Bright Pink and Crazy Rumors Hibiskiss. The pink is really bright initially but it fades to a nice hue after a while. I match it a shiny lipbalm so that I look kissable. Haha.
Earrings - Gift from a friend (F21)
Eyeshadow Palette - Friend did my eyes for me :D
Ok, one of the make-up item I really wanted to highlight was the Minorca Ideal Flawless Beauty Cushion Mousse. I got it from the Beauty Keeper Box during Giftopia but it is retailing as well at Beauty Keeper's website. Usually, I use powder foundation, but this cream coverage is really good.
I forgot to bring my concealer that day. But there was really not much to conceal after using this cushion mousse. I wasn't really having that high an expectation for it. But the colour was really close to our Asian shade making it look au natural and provided great coverage. :D Really love this!
My dress of the day - Stalker's Beware is from Missa More. And yes, it is a sexy piece with a slight all the way up to the thigh. I think my thighs are pretty thick, but the cutting makes it look slimmer because it hides a portion of my legs. Haha. The material is flowy so it doesn't need much ironing to still look picture-perfect. FYI, I shove the dress into my bagpack. But flowy materials does make the wearer fat at certain angles. My Mum's advice: wear a belt to tighten the waist area, so it will accentuate the hour-glass figure. I didn't do so though so I did look a little pregnant in some photos.
The openings at the side of the dress was a bit revealing, but I managed to change to a smaller size. Thank you owner for being so nice to meet me :D If you want to make the side cuttings narrower, what I did was roll up the top and create a thicker collar look :D (2 for the price of 1). You can get yours at Missa More too. They have many elegant pieces at really affordable prices and their website is pretty easy to navigate too!
True to my dress' name, I really got a stalker. LOL! Lastly, my gladiator boots are from River Island. Have it for a pretty long time already. This wasn't supposed to be my heels for the day, will share on my heels in a separate post. But I didn't want to spoil my new heels at the railway. Haha. Enough said, more photos here on my top to toe gorgeousness. Let me know if you have any suggestions to improve the look. 

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