Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Made For My Case

Sometimes we all grow up and our taste matures. Especially when we are at a professional setting, the things we like tend to become more boring or classy. No more funky hairdo, sleek work clothes. Blah Blah Blah.
Even our accessories become more simple and chic. And our phone being one of the most "we-can't-live-without accessory" definitely have to be docked in a smart case too. And the nicest professional thing I can linked to accessorize a smart phone - a leather case!
So, tada check out this "atas" case in black from Casemade. It is so genuine, you can smell the fresh leather in your hand. One thing I love about the phone is that it has a flap so your private messages are now save from prying eyes. The slots at the side is really good for our EZ Link Card and access passes. :D And the differentiating factor is that the the sides of the flap is magnetised. No need to worry about the flap popping open at the wrong time.
The price is definitely on the steep side if you compare it to those plastic cases. But I guess you get what you pay. Clothes don't make a man, but the case just make the phone. It looks smarter already! There are other colours and design available. You can get yours flown in from Casemade too, if you wanna join the career clique. 

Stressed, Depressed but my Phone is Well Dressed!

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