Thursday, January 12, 2017

Beauty Review: 24 Saturn Facial Detox

I have been sleeping sufficiently, well hydrated and eating healthily. However, I can't pin-point why I am having random break-outs on my face after coming back from Malaysia. New year, new (ugly) skin :(
So since there is really nothing much to lose anyway, I tried out 24 Saturn Facial Detox to give my face some much-needed nutrients.
Lately, I seem to be into handy-sized products. So this is the 10ml version which I liked cos it is really easy for you to slip into your make-up pouches. The bottle is really chic looking but unfortunately it is not recyclable. It is the vaccuum bottle design which keeps the products fresh.
What attracted me to the Facial Detox was because it sounded pretty foreign. On the left, I have the Vitamin Boost while on the right, I had the Matte Hydrate. I used the Vitamin Boost at night and the Matte Hydrate every morning.
One thing I noticed was that the products were very concentrated. The product is rather thick and viscous, so I did have doubts on its promise to be non-sticky. I have to say it did impress me when it was quickly absorbed to my thirsty face. For me, I found the Vitamin Boost to be the more interesting product.
It smelt of tangy oranges. So it felt I was putting real oranges on my face. :D I think the effect was equivalent to giving your skin some external Vitamin C and E but this is definitely not a replacement for your daily fruits intakes. Sorry fruit haters, you still got to take your fruits. Matte Hydrate in comparison, was free of any scent, but its texture and absorbance all matched up to the Vitamin Boost.
Quite honestly, I wasn't expecting to see much effects. I have pretty much given up hope on my skin. After one week of religious "seruming", this was the results. My skin has grown a lot less blotchy and orange-like. From the photos, my face doesn't look very smooth, but in reality, it does my skin softer and more supple.
One of the serum I swear by is the V10 (you can read my review) but it is very very expensive. So I would think that the Facial Detox is quite an affordable substitute. If you are really on a budget, then get the Vitamin Boost first because there is really no other skin product out there I am aware of, that is anywhere similar.
Here's an photo of me before going to bed and another filtered photo of me. My skin currently is nowhere near clear and perfect, but I can live with a less flaky skin. I still have half a bottle left, so I am sure you guys will see more improvements. 
I am quite likely to continue using the Vitamin Boost mainly because it is easier on my thinning pockets. LOL! In fact, 24 Saturn's products are all very affordable for their packaging. I haven't tried their other products but do let me know if you have. Meanwhile, I am going to take an early beauty rest :P

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