Monday, January 9, 2017

Feeling Soul Good with Soul Legs

Lately, I have been quite on in an active lifestyle. So I thought I would share with you one of my gear - the Compression Sports Socks. Don't be deceive by its fashionable catching appearance, it is more than a fashion accessory. It really does work, providing quite a lot of comfort to my feet when I explore my neighbourhood. (I won't say run cos I am really too slow to be considered running.)
Previously, I am using just simple socks from Pasar Malam. The biggest difference I can feel that is sometimes after a while, there be a sort of pain striking through my soles. It is not often. But in retrospect, I think is because my socks didn't provide the extra cushioning comfort to break the impact and the necessary support.
Initially, I was pretty apprehensive because of the bright neon colours and the high socks. My sports shoes are turquoise so I was really worried it would clash and people would question my sanity. Haha. But I ended up looking like a soccer player LOL! Cute one I hope. I still don't want to look too shabby exercising.
So normally, my running gear is shorts and random tees. But I am usually in red, blue or black. Neon pink still matches pretty well. For guys, there is a blue compression socks available. Wearing the socks for my brisk walks/ slow runs seems to have some toning effect though that could be totally psychological. 
I don't use capris cos I always feel rather restrictive. But I am just trying the look out for some of you who prefer showing off some nice long slender legs which I obviously don't have. I think it still looks good with Capri. I might just try wearing it for my Yoga. (The Capri I mean, not the socks)
Some of you may feel that active wear and sports gears are really expensive. So here's some brands that are on the affordable end. My sports shoes are kid's Sketchers LOL, so they are less than a hundred dollars after discount. My sportswear are mostly from Cotton On, a brand that I really like a lot. (I also adore their sister brands - Typo and Rubi by the way.) And if I run in the dead of night, I may also use Platubes. If I have any more other good finds, I will be sure to share with you. :)

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