Thursday, May 18, 2017

Beyond Boundaries: Aniss Empire

So today, I thought I would take the opportunity to write something on fashion for the Muslimah. Maybe it is just me, but I used to be under this impression that Muslimah fashion are not for the other races. But I am pretty certain now that it is just really me lacking the courage to try out different fashion that is inspired from other religions, cultures and beliefs.
I am working with Aniss Empire to dispel that certain fashion is meant for a specific group of people. Of course, at the end of the day, I may still fail to change any of you readers' mind. But well, at least the Muslimah has something to check out for their Puasa.
Just a little bit about Aniss Empire, it is brand that has been about empowering women to create success for themselves through quality and affordable outfits. Although the fashion is geared towards the Muslimah community, they are open to the idea of cultural-neutrality and that the pretty shawls and clothes can be worn by any women regardless of faiths and religions.
The Muslimah's fashion generally in my opinion is more conservative and loose fitting. And I feel that it is the tiny intricate designs and cuttings that vary each and every piece. Their colours are also brighter. I chose to showcase a piece that is an unconventional tiffany blue for this post. 
Most Muslimah would wear this with pants or a long skirt like what I did on the right. But for ladies who wants a little bit of middle ground between modesty and still showing off some skin, you may opt for a style which I attempted on the left - matching the top (as a peplum) with a short skirt. It also makes the whole style more culturally neutral.
The fabric is silky and airy so you don't have to worry that you might end up feeling too warm and sticky in humid weather. On a side note, I also realised Muslimah fashion make very elegant maternity wear. :D 
Last but not least, a collage to flaunt the fine details and the classy U-collar. I hope that this post has opened your mind as much as mine on culturally neutral fashion. You will be surprised at how many shops targeting Muslimahs that would not want to entertain anyone who is not of their market. So kudos and thank you to Aniss Empire for this collaboration.
Moving forward, I hope that fashion can truly transcend beyond religions, faith and culture and be something where we can incorporate part and pieces of ethnic costumes etc. as our daily wears. I also encourage more companies to be like Aniss Empire and welcome collaborations using ForFunk as a platform to spread this message. Thank you and I hope this was a meaningful post for you.

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