Monday, May 8, 2017

Karmart Asian Beauty Blogger #KarmartABBCbysamplestore

Yikes, this was supposed to be a review contest video for Kartmart Asian Beauty Blogger. Haha. Because I was so nervous I think I was babbling a bit and I think I might just miss out some vital information. The sound system really isn't that good because my silly computer was growling away. Sad :( I really need videography lessons hor.
So just in case you guys didn't heard me loud enough or need more information on the products I am using. Here is a supplementary blog post as well. Cathy Doll is a brand well suited for modern young females. I really think they are talking about me when they speak about the iconic character as a trendy, chic and easy going ladies who love traveling, learning and shopping and beauty stories!!!
I guess this is what they are describing when they say - pretty in pink huh. And this is the fruit I am talking about - Pomegranate. I seriously hope I pronounced it right in the video. Like I said I have the one without the brush, there is some down-side to the brush though, it drips a little. 
But still I like it with the brush cos it is really soft and it is like massaging my face. I would really recommend this product if you are looking for a cleanser. I always feel so fresh and cherry after using it. And the smell is fruitily heavenly. 
So on the left you have the invisible Sun Protection and on the right you have the CC cream. The sun block is really good if you don't like oily and sticky products. The invisible sun Protection is very light and easy to apply. For special days, you may want to try the CC Cream which provides pretty good coverage.

Considering all the products are very affordable, I would recommend you to try it out if you have a really tight budget. Everything Thai, everything good (like me)! Hehe. 
Hair oil is especially good if you have curls. This is a little different from the normal oil we know because it is watery and not as oily. It is good for bedtime. :D But I personally think that the oily version works better if you want to maintain your curls. Watery version probably wont cause unnecessary pimple. 
This product smells amazing as well. For any of you who wants to save water (since there is a price hike), you can use this instead. Haha. I am not very sure how to describe the smell. Guess you guys need to go down to BHG to smell it yourself :D
So here's some information on Cathy aka me Lol! Kidding. This brand expresses the daring aspect of feminity. Think of a girl with burning passion, optimistic, playful and open-minded. All this can be seen from the packaging right! Haha. With such a charming personality, no wonder I, I mean she is getting all the attention.
So the brand not only has facial care, it also branches into hair care and even make-up.:D As mentioned it is a Thai brand but is Korean inspired. Hopefully, I get short-listed to join the next round so that I get a chance to go for the videography workshop and from there make better beauty videos for you readers!

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