Saturday, September 16, 2017

Try Mexican: Senor Taco

I thought I should write a bit about Mexican food today because do you know how good their cuisine are? During one of the last few weekend, we drop by Senor Taco for a meal and had a belly good time.

They do have a band on Saturdays too, but oh well, we don't really like staying out too late (beauty rest precedes!) And so we missed that! But you on the other hand should really stay for that.

As we dropped by before the drinking crowd, there were still seats inside the restaurant. Personally, I love the whole ambience of Senor Taco. I have never been to any Latin countries so I don't really know how it is supposed to feel like. But I l just like the chillax the interiors. While we were there, I observed friends gathering and even families too (But no alcohol for the little ones!)

The menu serve a decent variety. So you don't have to be here for a drink only. You can even grab dinner or lunch! The price is comparatively decent because the portion is huge. It is really a place for you to mingle and share!

From left to right:

Tacos: We had the fish and chicken ones. I personally preferred the fish. Initially, I thought it looked small, but OMG it is pretty filling. It does make a good meal for lunch.

Prawn Cerviche: I have never tried cerviche before but mmm it is good. To me, it feels like the salad of the meal. It is citrusy and quite refreshing. My father loved it! But I suspect this might be an acquired taste. Do try it while you are there!

Sizzling Fajitas: This is a chef recommendation on the menu, but...not for me. I found it a little too salty and oily. Compared to the other main which I am going to rave on later, this just pales too much of a comparison.

Tada, my favourite - Carnitas. It is so good I think I literally fell in love eating it. The pork belly was so tender. Yums. So basically, you just wrap the meat fillings into the wrap. (Almost like our Chinese popiah!) And some tip here: SPAM the sauce, it is heavenly when you do that.

If you are coming in a big group, you probably will order more mains to share. And guess what, you can basically wrap anything! I was a little creative, I tried with steak mixing with cerviche and sometimes even guacamole! Yeap, so much varaition with one dish. Don't leave Senor Taco without trying this! You will regret!

And here's some of the dip sauces which the Mexican are famous for, but apart from the Habanero, the rest were "no-kick" for me. Haha. Guacamole is just basically avocado paste, so you can pretty much spam it into every food you are having if you love avocado.

If you like a smoky charred taste, try Chipotle. For something more intense (almost like wasabi, I even teared having it), go for Habanero! The thing is you don't have to pick one, just dip in all 3 if you can't make up your mind. These sauces are magical whether alone or together *Winks*

And alcoholics, I didn't forget you. I actually strongly recommend the Mojito and Magarita! Usually, I always have Mojito cos I like the minty taste. My bro recommended magarita and it is now one of my favorite. Sorry Sangria fans, I like them the least. Oops.

And for drinking snacks, I would recommend the chips. Well that's what they are famous for right. Personally I prefer mine to go with with guacamole or nachos but you know what, I am sure salsa taste good too!

And after a fulfilling meal, you can always have a stroll down the Singapore River to walk away those calories. HAHAHA!

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