Saturday, January 6, 2018

Jane of Skytrex Adventure: Melaka

Most people who travels to Melaka are usually there for the good food. But if you have been there for a few times already, it can get rather boring. And so today, I will be sharing with you an alternative adventure in Melaka - Skytrex Adventure. (Prequel of a video of my unglam struggles.)

Apart from the park we went in Melaka, they have a few parks in other parts of Malaysia. From what I have heard, they are pretty fun cos the couple behind me has went to the other park in Shah Alam and they are back again!

Just in case, my first video scare a few of you. Trust me, this park is very family friendly. In fact, few teams before us were all families. Depending on how much of a thrill seeker you are, there are 3 circuits for you to choose from. For the adults, you can choose between Extreme Warrior (Me, bro and BF), Pahlawan Thrill (Mum and Dad) and Little Dino (for kids only)

My parents are nearing 60s and don't have that great fitness but they managed to survive nearly till the end of their circuit. For us, I struggled greatly (cos of my short legs not cos I am unfit!!!) but the guys did great! I was flanked by the BF and my Bro, so that I have sufficient support all the way. LOL!

If you are Singaporean, let me warn you first that this is not as curated as the high elements activities we are used to in Singapore. Firstly, although there is an instructor watching you somewhere, they are not by your side all the time. So it can be very scary for "kiasi" people. Haha. But, I have to say I really enjoyed the freedom.

Having said that, this also mean that you have to listen during the initialisation. Cos they will be teaching you how to use your gears (which super look like alien claws). However, they are safe and extremely secure. Tip: If you are super kaisu or don't have enough strength for any of the elements, attach the flying fox gear so that you can glide across. *wink*

So if you don't listen to instructions, you will be stuck like my Mum haha. But don't worry cos the instructors would monkey across to rescue you. Young people, don't laugh ok, cos I also got stuck twice on the zipline. The first time I was rescued. The second time, I sort of monkeyed myself across back.

The second difference is that there is a lot of obstacles in the circuit. You know in Singapore, what we usually have is walking across tight ropes, maybe a web or 2, and probably a flying fox or 2 and it ends. I swear I spent at least 3 hours on air. And every time, I feel like you know I am feeling kinda of sanitised, something difficult pops up and drives my heartbeat up as I figure my way through.

They were kinda of cruel cos they started off with the longest and highest zipline. This means I had to climb up there (that was a true struggle) and then I had to flung myself off the platform. That was scary for me too, cos I seriously would rather have someone pushed me haha. The cowardly me only departed from my adventure when the BF gave me a heart sign at the destination. (zipping off to his embrace. Haha..romantic much)

I always thought I am pretty good at high elements stuff. But when the planks shook and the poles were too far. I screeched, moaned but eventually still completed the obstacles. Quite a sense of achievement. But there is one thing I truly hated, the smell of my armpits, I really never expect to have such a good workout. Remember your deodorant, people!

And some slight tips, you can actually bring your camera up, best if you put it in the waterproof bag den it will free from sweat and can capture all your happy moments. There are actually quite a few insta-worthy moments when you are up in the air. (Check out air-cycling!)

I brought my go-pro along, but hehe, I don't think I captured as good footage. Also, bring a few camera up. We only brought up one, so we missed some moments. Cos you are not always at that close proximity with your crew.

In all, I would really recommend Skytrex Adventure. It is definitely a good exercise after all the binging at Melaka. is very affordable. (approx. S$25) with so much obstacles and you get to enjoy the fresh air. It also helps to forge stronger bonds between you and your team during the adversity.

And because there is no instructor following you around, you can really do things at your own pace and comfort level. No judgmental eyes if you decided to chicken out at any point. Most importantly, it is a whole load of FUN! P.S. if you keep your eyes peeled to the ground, you may even spot dinosaurs. Rawr!~!

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