Saturday, February 17, 2018

Try and Review: Blue Light Diet

I always thought Try and Review never really let me review much of the "good stuff". So when I actually received 2 boxes of Lutien Essence, I was over the moon. Cos I drink a lot of Brand's Essence, especially when I need to concentrate and be focused. I even use them for my instant noodles soup, sometimes.

I was absolutely psyched to try the blue light diet for 2 weeks. First of all, the Lutien Essence is yums. I drink them cold and it is like a delicious Roselle Tea. Drinking this on a daily basis will keep your eyes healthy, replenishing Lutein and Zeaxanthin in your body that help absorb and filter harmful blue light.

My eyes honestly haven't been very good since last year. And it is really my own fault to a certain extent cos I am always on the laptop or the phone whether I am doing anything productive or just bumming around. There was this point my eyes would water and tear using the comp cos it just hurt too much.

What I did was, I actually use the Rhoto eye-drop (that can be only bought in Jap or TW) to provide temporal relief. But I use it every day like a drug (super unhealthy). After using Lutien Essence, my eyes did get a bit better. I only use my eyedrops twice a week. Great improvement and very happy about it.

But what am I going to do with my Rohto eyedrops which I bought in bulk like a mad woman?!? Sigh.

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