Thursday, April 5, 2018

We went to Art Zoo!

Last weekend, I went to the Art Zoo. Cos I went after a slight drizzle, it was not very crowded but haix the "bouncing castles" were a little dirty :( The BF had a little bit of OCD so I didn't get the opportunity to bounce around :(

But because the weather was a bit chilly, I got to wear a my new Kitten Cropped Sweatshirt with my fav shorts from Thailand. FYI, I have like 2 of the same designs. :P

As over-sized, over-grown bouncers (who didn't bounced), I thought the entrance fees of S$17.80 was a little bit pricey. I think if I did bring my kids (if any) in, my heart would still ache a bit. But still, there were a lot of happy kids and tired parents flooding the place.

The designs of the bouncing arena was really pretty, innovative and they looked very fun. Plus with the myriad of colours, this place is awesome for the Instagram. Since I was inside already, I did what I do best, take photos and post (pose)! Hahaha.

Just in case you are wondering, my bright smiles are neither cued nor forced. The whole place is just very cheery and there is this merry song that is going on repeat. Halfway, I even found myself humming along. Geez. And I really wanted to shove some kids and bounce. (T.T)

But it is really impossible to stay more than 2 hours (even with bouncing). I really wanted to catch the night scene, I bet it has strobe lights and all. Guess it would be pretty and good for the gram. But I was hungry (no food inside by the way) and I just can't see myself wandering around for another hour before the sun sets.

So I did take some videos for the instastory, but I am not sure why it is so quality when transferred. Will I be going again in future? Eh, maybe if I have free tickets, feeling rich or have kids that I need to exhaust them?!? HAHAHA.

Hope you had fun and didn't burn your pocket too much while you were there. By the way, their souvenirs were really reasonably-priced (S$- max $10). Wish I had a pesky, crying kid to force the BF to buy some home. He refused to get me any. Sigh.

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