Thursday, April 26, 2018

IRÉN: Miracle Serum

When many people talk about miracle water, they refer to SKII. Today, I will be revealing to you guys, my Miracle Serum. Life hasn't been great lately. I have been sleeping late for the past one month (not my choice) and it is reflecting on my skin :(

I chanced upon IRÉN, a personalised skincare line made specially for busy women. So if you are like me who is a bit time-stretched and have no time for complicated skin routines, you got to try it!

The packaging of IRÉN is incredibly eye-catching. The paper bag that hold their products is like so chic, I might even be willing to buy it haha as gift bags! The silly me also attempted to open the boxes the "traditional way". Check out my my boomerang on how futuristic they are.

For me, I am trying out 3 of the 7 available customised serum. Check out the full list:
  1. Anti-aging serum - Goji Extract
  2. Clearing Serum - Pumpkin Extract
  3. Whitening Serum - Yuzu Extract
  4. Soothing serum - Avacado Extract
  5. Hydrating serum - Bluberry Extract
  6. Anti-acne serum - Magnsteen Extract
  7. Anti-wrinkle serum - Beet Extract
Honestly, I was really thankful for the serum because there was this week I had really little sleep (less than 6 hours) and it was showing on my skin. My skin was rough and uneven and putting make-up doesn't help. I felt darn ugly. But the serum managed to temporarily revive my skin. :)

And I liked the fact that it was portable and quick. I could just quickly slap some on the taxi while rushing to the destination. There was one time I was in so much rush I accidentally dabbed some into my eye. But heng, unlike some products it didn't produce a stinging sensation.

To show you how effortless the steps are, here's a summary:
  1. Cleanse and tone your skin with your usual skincare products
  2. Twist the cap of the serum open. The dropper will draw 1 full pump of serum, which will be equivalent to a 5 cents coin size. You will only need to dispense 1/3 amount if you wish to mix your serums together
  3. Dispense 1/3 amount on your palm for each serum, mix all three together on your palm and pat gently on the skin

The customised serum cost S$58 for a 10ml bottle of goodness. But there is a promo now that allows you to get 3 serum at the price of 2. The price is definitely a little on the steep side. But, at least it is effective. For me, I use it sparingly for extremely desperate situations, which is becoming rather frequent. :P

As you can see from the video, you actually don't need to use a lot so it will last quite a while. And it is really cool how the dropper would automatically draw out 1 full pump of the serum. Note: You will only need 1/3 if you are mixing. I have let you in on my beauty skin. Let me knows if it works for you too, ok!

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