Friday, July 27, 2018

Nailing your pre-wedding nails

Just thought I should share some of my views on pre-wedding shoot nails. Most studios would advise that you to have groomed and preferably manicured nails. And I totally agree with that because it would be too much of a pain to photoshop each and every nail in each photo.

To set your priorities right, nails are usually not going to be a key feature in the photos unless you request for close-up shoots on your wedding bands. We didn't request that for ours either, but I just thought it was nice to have pretty nails in each photo. :)

I think the easiest way to start is always to find shortlist the designs. I actually even discussed this with the BF (cos he has better aesthetics sense than me) but you can skip that. You don't have to take a design in entirety, but be sure to let the artists know which part of the designs you want. Psss...I actually picked the base colour of one and design of another.

Personally, I prefer contacting the artist who created the work to do the nails, simply because they would be familiar and some sort of guarantee it will turn out right. But, if the design is from an overseas artist, then make sure you give clear instructions so that you won't be disappointed!

For me, I was lucky cos Eileen Nails was located in Singapore though a bit further from where I lived. Haha. As you can see, I picked a very simple design that would match most dresses. I also felt the the design though adorable, wouldn't be too much of a lime-light stealer from the rings etc.

The good thing about simple designs is that you have the option to go for a simple manicure. I picked gelish cos I am just too chor-lor. Hehe. And being the designer of this nail art, she was so seasoned and efficient. We had a bit of a chat and viola, my nails are beautiful <3 *Bling Bling*

Eileen Nails is a home-based nails palour so it does not accept credit card payment. Paymnet by cash, paylah or paynow are okay. Eileen herself is very friendly and you can just chillax as your nails are being done. As she is also a bride-to-be, I could do a bit of bride-ranting LOL. But do note that she only does gelish nails.

Just in case you think she only does wedding nails, she can also help you do the CNY nails. My fav were her minions CNY and Little Miss and Mister designs. Cute <3 If you have any design of your own, you will be pleased to know that she is open to doing nail arts beyond her own designs. I have left her instagram link in the post, so do feel free to DM her if you wish to engage her services!

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