Friday, May 16, 2014

(Best) Mood Rings

What gets a woman into the best mood?
Shopping of cos... :P :P :P
Best Mood RingAnd today is your lucky day cos I am going to present you people a steal...1 yet many. Presenting the accessory chameleon, the mood accessories! As it changes colour with your mood (surrounding temperature), you can have a different accessory at different timing of the day. How cool is that!
The accessories from Best Mood Rings is bound to get you(r) lady into the Best Mood. Courtesy of Sally, I got to review a few from their collection. You will be glad to know that delivery was prompt and the packaging was splendid. Each ring or accessory was packed in a tiny gift bag and neatly wrapped in a sheer paper with hearts. Everything came nicely and even after wearing my rings while cleaning my hands, the rings did not rust! It is definitely of fine quality.
Mood Rings GaloresAs Sally had wrapped each of the pieces up, I had absolutely no idea what I was receiving. I had a jolly good time unwrapping and savored the moment of suspense. Guess I was feeling romantic that day cos everything turned dark blue in my hands. Most of the pieces I received were blue. Yup, I love royal blue, apart for the greenish ring.
Some of my favourite pieces were the dual butterflies, the stones antique necklace (which reminded me of Titantic), the magnetic hematite bracelet (truly, indeed it is magnetic, can't help but pair it with my pink watch and it comes with health benefits too), the child unicorn mood ring glitter (which I am so ready to give it as a gift to my first born) as well as the classy, beautiful square mood ring (which I have lovingly named it the hope diamond)!
Apart from these pieces, there are many other pieces ranging from simple to elaborate. I personally really adored the child section. They have lots of cute selection. For the quirky, there is also the Glow-in-the-Dark! It is somehow very unfortunate that my little penguin refuse to glow. :(
And I made a fascinating observation - at every angle, the ring appears to be of different colour. I spent a great deal of time, taking snaps of the ring once it changes colour haha.
For those who are curious about the meaning of the colours:
Black - Stressed
Brown - Nervous
Orange - Unsettled
Green - Active
Aquamarine - Relaxed
Turquoise - Lovable
Dark Blue - Romantic
Pink - Happy

Best Mood Ring1

And the mood ring came with a guide (which I have failed to follow) *Sheepish*

1. Keep it dry. Moods are particularly sensitive to chemical and water. Prevents tarnishing too!
2. Magnetic jewelry should be stored away from things with magnetic properties!
3. Be careful not to drop the magnetic jewelry and agate. Chipped jewelry never look good!
4. Glow in the Dark ring has to be briefly charged by either daylight or artificial light (maybe that is why mine aint lighting up!)
Anyway, for those who are keen to get yourself a mood ring, please do check out Best Mood Rings. The variety is just so huge. You are bound to find the "one" there. Most places only hold a ring or 2. But this site holds a zillion or million LOL! And for the quality, I think the price is overly reasonable. So hurry there now, before others hear of this and rush there too! Surely you don't want your "one" to be taken :P

And it Glow

**Quick updates** Sally sent me another 2 of the Glow in the Dark Rings. After charging it under my iphone spotlight, it glowed...*shrieks excitedly* 

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