Saturday, September 14, 2019

Morning Joy: Nescafe Dolce Gusto

Generally, we do discuss our purchases for big ticket items. But this time round, the hubs went ahead and bought a Nescafe Dolce Gusto Surprise Box. Fortunately, we got the machine itself. Cos God knows what we are going to do with tons of capsules. I only got to do the comparison research between Nespresso and Nescafe machines after his rash purchase.

Although the hubs is more of a coffee connoisseur, I definitely won't consider myself as one. I actually appreciated Nescafe for the variety of capsule. But if you hold your coffee to high standards, you should get yourself a Nespresso instead even though the Nescafe machines have a wider price range and is generally more affordable. 

Initially, I found Hub's purchase pretty gimmicky. But this machine bought the whole family closer...cos everyone actually gathered to watch the operations of the machine and filmed it on instag. And then, the mug was passed around as we each have a sip. Haha...I didn't expect this fancy electronic to bring so much joy to the people around us. Quite cute really...Definitely can't wait to flaunt this to our friends when the house arrive.

Personally, I feel that the recommended water level is a bit too high for my liking. I would prefer my beverages to be thicker. We have tried out 3 boxes of capsules and they have been great. If you have some spare cash, you should consider getting one...#nowafan :)

Tuesday, September 10, 2019

Funky Find: Is Comex worth the hassle?

So, the last weekend, I made one of the most bo-liao but exciting speculation of my life. I was thinking about replacing my laptop for the longest time and finally sort of set my mind on a Surface Pro because it looks so sleek. And also partially cos my old laptop can't really make it anymore.

Because the last day of Comex was 1 day before the Lazada 9.9 sale, I had to make one of the biggest decision of that week. Do I buy at Comex or through Lazada? It was my first time to Comex after a decade. I sort of concluded preferred online shopping more. I really hated the crowd and noise the deal was not exactly fantastic.

Eventually, I bought not 1 but 3 Surface Pro/Go and somewhat managed to snag a better deal than Lazada after much negotiations. Is it worth the trouble? If you are buying a standard bundle, you know what, just buy off Lazada, it saves you a lot more hassle. (My 3 sets are non-bundles by the way.)

So far, I am loving my Surface Pro. It is so sleek and versatile. I can use it as a tablet too. My only grouse is that my free photo editor app is now charging me on my SP. :'( This means it is now more expensive to maintain my website. Gahh...Other than that, I am loving my SP deeply. Can't wait to churn out more articles on this new baby.

Tuesday, August 27, 2019

Why you should always test your products!

I haven't been reviewing any products lately as one of my reviews have gone horribly wrong. I am still doing this post to share with you guys the importance of trying skin/cosmetics products before committing to a full bottle of it.

K-Bright products have been popping up quite frequently on my social media. I was actually thrilled when I was selected to be a reviewer at Try And Review. Unfortunately after a few days of religious use, my skin reacted rather adversely and my skin became inflamed. Huge, horrible-looking acne started popping from my skin. *Gross photos ahead*

The point of this post is not to highlight how bad K-Bright products are (because many testers actually really love their products), but how important it is to always get the tester pack to try it out first. I won't say that I have particularly sensitive skin. But twice, my skin went berserk on me. Better safe than sorry. If you a little bit of an adventurous beauty junkie, you can always get some free samples from review websites.

I have quickly went to Beauty Base for some remedial action. For damage like this, it would take some time to heal. So meanwhile, probably no close face shots. Sigh. Hope the Hubs still love me now I am no longer pretty. :'(