Sunday, June 17, 2018

Chug Subscription is back!

Wedding planning is one hell of a stress, even for a simple, fuss-free one. :( So last week, I was badly in need of a drink. And guess what, Chug, the lifestyle drinking pass is back!

And boy am I glad, for just a monthly subscription of SGD9.90, you can get 5 free drinks per month while a SGD19.90 subscription will get members one free drink each day of the month. Super value for money if you are a hell of a drinker.

The good news is Chug is rather easy to use and if you and your friends enjoy checking out new nightspots in town, this is a pretty good app to have in your phone. The sober me did some quick calculation and I quickly concluded that this app is not just for yourself.

Cos it is just too boring to drink alone. Bleh. So I am sharing this promo code with you. Quote "WANDA5556" and you can get S$5 off your first month. So that's like S$4.90 for 5 drinks. Less than a dollar for a drink, that's a steal. :)

And more good news, a good many of the listed vendors are in town area. Yea to working execs. However, the list is not exactly that long in the moment but I expect it to grow longer. For those who are looking for pre-party rave drinks,Chug doesn't quite fit the bill cos you can at max have one free drink a day. 

You can't do pub-hops as well. But I hope that will change one day because pub hops are fun! And with that, enjoy your drinks and cheap thrills!

Thursday, June 14, 2018

What have I been up to?

Hey guys, so the lucky me received an invitation to Pu Tien's Sketching Workshop by James Ek. Pu Tien's food was as good as I remembered. No photos here on the food here this time round, cos there were so many people and I didn't want to be a weirdo, snapping photos of food and drawing attention to myself. Gasp. Haha. But you can read the food review here.

It has been a very stressful week for me this week so this sketching lesson really came at the right time. I am not a very good drawer, but I think I did pretty well in pencil sketching (you can compare it to my Dad's photo hehe), but less so in colouring (partially cos I gotten a bit bored). Now that I am older, I think I understand myself better.

I just can't do things that make me sit there too long, drags too long or is somewhat repetitive. But thank God, Teacher James was pretty patient. He was okay when I chose to draw it "my way" and "my style" but guess I have to live with it when it turns out badly. :P

Best of all, I got my own handy-dandy set of drawing tools so that I can continue pursuing this interest. This is great because I did somewhat enjoy drawing, but I know myself, I would be too lazy to drag myself to buy a set of exact same tools to replicate the skills I have learnt.

So I am pretty glad they generously provided us the whole set. And, maybe I will one day become a renowned sketcher. Hehe. Please support ok when the day comes!

Sunday, June 10, 2018

Custom Gifts with Printicious

Lately, I have been surfing the line a lot on customised stuff, partially because the wedding is coming. And I came across this pretty dope website - Printicious. If you stay in Singapore or Malaysia, you are in luck because Printicious ships to both countries. Hurray!

So what's special about the Printicious is the plethora of items they are selling. I was at their website looking for potential wedding deco and found a myriad of other items which could be customised - baby products, household deco etc. Wow.

Initially, I thought the Ceramic Tiles and Photo Rocks would make great wedding deco. But the "quote" version made them so good for the house. So, now I am wondering if I should get wedding button badges and magnets or even coasters for some of our guests?!?

My bro was quick to tell me having my face on the fridge or coffee table is just weird. Making people pin my face on your jackets or dresses was just pure narcissistic. But, words would be fine...

And because some of my friends are having/ had kids, I ventured to the baby's corners as my Bro was dishing advice as the "rather unwanted" wedding planner and I came across the cutest clothes ever. Just so you know, Printicious also carry customisable Baby Rompers and Mini Tees all under one website.

Maybe it is just me, but kids wearing clothes of their inner monologues are like so darn cute. And I love the amount of colours they have :P But my Bro stepped in again and to told me I can get them next time...when I am pregnant. Now, I should just focus on the wedding.

But Printicious just had too much choices and the cap caught my eyes too. There is just something for anyone at any stage of your life. It is just so easy to get distracted. Plus everyone needs a cap right? Plus their products are pretty reasonably priced, making everything look so attractive for purchase. Sigh.

While I am here pouting and making up my mind, I thought I should just share this with you first in the meanwhile. If you are looking for button batch for college,colour mug or button badges,don’t forget to contact them. Or if you have any upcoming birthday party and would like to impress your guest, photo booth rental is your best entertainment...(Yes, they also do photobooth!)