Friday, March 16, 2018

Food Tour Part 9: Comfort food for stress days

Alright, to be honest, school has been a little stressful with so many submissions! Omg, I think I am losing my sanity. I seriously shouldn't be writing but sometimes this place give me a little bit of breather as I rattle on about stuff unrelated to my packed life.

You are not expecting this, but here's a post. Hehe! I guess I will do a quick one about food. Because that's what I have been doing a lot - binging to de-stress. Oops!

This chain has been around for a long time. Honestly, I have no love for it initially. I tried it and I was like meh...why are people even buying this expensive shit. Then one day, my BF's bro bought it home and I gave it a second try (Yellow Ribbon project) and I was hooked ever since.

Seriously, is there even drugs in it? I am so obsessed, I even took a photo of its menu so that I can get anyone to tabao next time. Actually,BlackBall is not that pricey if you share it with your family. Whoever who brought this chain into Singapore is my hero man! With that said, do you think you can let me be your ambassador? LOL!

Another chain that has some longevity and sprouting around lately. And I love it. I am just obsessed with hot pots. They just seem so healthy (not really) and warm about them. Ever since, Shi Li Fang popped up, I have always been a fan.

There is some cheap thrill about them that excites me. (Ok, they ain't that cheap and the food variety aint fantastic) It is just some comfort food and is a lot cheaper than other steamboats out there. Highly recommend if you are not looking for an atas meal!

3. Real Chinese Food
Wherever you are staying at, I am sure you notice there are these ridiculous number of Chinese shops (manned by Chinese) popping up. Mala, Chong Qing Fish etc. you name it, they probably have it. Greasy, oily, spicy, definitely not healthy, but hey I like it. Ooops haha. So I gave them a chance, and yum.

The price differs greatly. Some are awesome and cheap. Some are yucky and overpriced (NUS Law School one definitely falls into the latter.) My tip is to observe the PRC, if they are buying from that shop, it is probably legit. Just some stress food you may consider.

And sigh, I am back to endless readings. But thanks for entertaining my sanity break!

Saturday, March 10, 2018

Man Talk: Bundies of Joy

To be a little more fair, I decided to work on some posts for male readers as well (cos I am sure there are male readers right?!?) So today is quite an intimate topic for you guys...caring about your bum hahaha.

Personally, I was always felt that in terms of fashion/ apparels especially, the market for the males seem to be a bit smaller and doesn't really break much of the mould. It is boring and over-priced. (This is told to me by a male and I agree!)

When I came across Bundies, I thought that I really had to share this! Because they have a subscription box for male undies. I have came across many subscription for the women - period boxes, apparels rental boxes, accessories boxes etc. But male undies, wow, this is novel stuff.

So, Bundies have trunks and boxers available for the men. Most the guys I am closer to wear briefs. So I was a bit clueless about these 2...and I did some research on my own. For women who are buying the men their inner beauty, listen up! To put it simply, trunks provide more support and is sleeker (good for the day) while boxers are airy and less restricted (better for the night!)

Aesthetically, I found these undies attractive. I mean there are so much details to it (prints, and coloured linings for the block-coloured trunks). But my bro told me, men don't go totally for design. It is more important to be comfortable. So the men I know put these underwear to the test.

As there is a bit more fabric than what they are normally used to, they initially thought that it might be a little warm. But because the material was thin and soft, Bundies was surprisingly comfy. My Dad prefer the plainer designs but my Bro (I guess with youth comes more openness), he said some prints and designs was good variation. And both of them were happy to try out boxers and trunks in future instead of briefs given similar comfort level!

But, the both of them weren't too keen on subscriptions because they don't change undies every 2 months (LOL!) and would buy as and when required. And fortunately, Bundies sell single pieces as well. This is good for gifting too given that they come in nice zip-locked bags. The bag can be recycled to put your manly cosmetics when traveling!

For Ladies only: Just a secret between me and you, I have actually tried boxers before. And they actually make very good shorts. But you probably need to get it 1-2 sizes bigger. (I like them loose and comfy!) You can get your very own from Bundies too. The designs are a lot better than those available out there!

And with that, this is the end of our first man-targeted review. Please do let us know if you would like style (with the men's perspective)! I know the women are always very interested in the men's gifting post (You know, it is not that easy to shop for a man ok, women don't have it easy!)

Thursday, March 1, 2018

Out in Cinemas: Peter Rabbit

It has been a long while since I have done a movie shout-out. So last weekend, I caught an awesome premiere - Peter Rabbit with my family. The tickets came at a really good time because it has been a long, long while since everyone caught a movie together. (My Mum always find movie ticket to be too expensive.)

The best thing is everyone enjoyed themselves and we even went for dinner after. Mum even went "This movie is so awesome. The rabbits look so realistic. We should have done this as a family more often. Let's go to the movies more." Guess, this is even more of a family movie than we expected.

Peter Rabbit is not an uncommon tale. Most of us have heard us this cheeky little one and his family. The soundtracks in this movie was amazing. I love how they changed the lyrics of our familiar tune. And I really like how it was entertaining for the young and the old. The jokes weren't too cheesy and there was still something nostalgic about it.

My Dad initially didn't wanted to watch it cos he "doesn't watch cartoons" which are for kids. But he gave the movie a chance after checking its trailer and is a full fan after the movie. I guess the charms of rabbits are just irresistible. Check out the trailer!

On a sidenote, I didn't expect the premiere to be so much fanfare. There were some snacks and fringe activities for the young and old. There was face painting for you to transform to be part of the rabbit family and a modified carrot ring-tossing game for you snag a rabbit headband.

Yup, yours truly grew athletic overnight. Never knew I was that great a tosser. I also didn't expect the hospitality to extend to good eats and free popcorns! It really made the whole movie experience so wonderful. So, thank you Sony Pictures and Narratrs for the invitation.

P.S. My Dad asked if there is going to be a sequel. :)