Saturday, June 15, 2019

Seafood Feast at Parkroyal @ Kitchener Road

Mmm...yum what a spread right? If seafood buffet is your thing, you will be excited to know that the all-you-can-eat seafood buffet is back at Parkroyal @ Kitchener Road. Do note that this is a weekend thing, so if you want to enjoy the Fried Slipper Lobster Black Bean Sauce, Chili Crab with MantouBlack Pepper Crab and Salted Egg Crab, please don't pop by on a weekday.

I can assure you the food taste as good as it looks. Personally, my favourite were the fried slipper lobster (cos it is convenient to eat), followed by the salted egg crab, then the black pepper crab. The gravy of the chilli crab was not spicy enough for my liking. But the mantou was delish. I would have popped down a few of them if not for tummy space constraints.

Apart from the seafood, the buffet at Parkroyal @ Kitchener Road has a cook food station, Japanese station, Indian station, salad station, seafood desserts station (that includes a Chendol machine) and DIY Mocktail station. For the price point of $48 to $58 (depending whether it was lunch or dinner), I thought the selection was quite a spread.

I didn't get to try the salads and the seafood this time round because I filled myself with as much seafood I could (lol). But for what I did try, I think you can give the Japanese station and cook-food station a pass if you are not much of a eater. I have to say the local flavours such as the satay and XO beehoon fish soup at Spice Brasserie (the restaurant in Parkroyal @ Kitchener Road) are totally a notch above the rest, so try to save some space for them.

Parkroyal @ Kitchener Road is located in Little India, so it also provides a bit of the Indian cuisine for the guests to have a teaser. I had a bite here and there but it is good so don't cross them out. Other dishes I really like (which may not be in the collage) are the soups and the fried food station. The sambal chilli is awesome too by the way. I dipped my food in it quite unnecessarily at times because I love it so much. (Haiz)

In the Jap and Cook Food section, which I wasn't that big a fan of, the fried egg omelette was actually pretty good (didn't try yong tau fu by the way) and the sashimi was also quite alright if you are not picky. So you know what, just skip lunch, so that you can eat more for dinner...haha. Cos with the food I am recommending, you definitely cannot finish everything in 1 visit.

Only at Spice Brasserie, you have the most fun thirst-quencher. Don't worry non-alcoholics, it is just mocktails made by syrup and soda water. I have to say it was rather enjoyable to make your own blend. Psss, not all the syrups in the recipe are available, so be creative and make your own. Don't worry, cos most of the time you will be pleasantly surprised.

For me, I am just for the colours (so frivolous, I know) and I would pick more unique flavours which I think I would like. Yup, no particular strategy and they still taste good! Like I say, Spice Brasserie also has a chendol ice-making machine. But this girl here doesn't eat that much so I didn't "chendol-ed". Next time ok, I will share some tips and tricks when I try it out.

Spice Brasserie takes their desserts very seriously. Despite not having a big space, a good whole area is dedicated to the hot and cold desserts of Singapore. Whether you are in for cakes, kuehs, or sweet soups, there is something for everybody. On my lucky day, I found tau-suan in a pot, can you imagine it? Most buffets don't even serve that.

 We managed to squeeze in some vanilla ice-cream and durian pengat (which is as good as the one at Lime). I honestly regretted not starving the day before for this. But on a bright side, I managed to eat so much succulent crabs and lobsters #happy. Leaving you some more photos of them to make you guys jealous... Hehe. Only until 16 Aug hor, if you don't wanna miss it *slurps*

Wednesday, June 12, 2019

Funky Find: Mustafa Centre

Last weekend, we explored Mustafa Centre cos we were in the district. To those who are foreign, Mustafa Centre is a 24-hours shopping centre that sells everything. And by everything, I mean an amazing gigantic variety. Even though I am a Singaporean, this is my first time stepping into Mustafa Centre. And haha, I got lost inside.

This place was so big, I just wandered from one aisle to another, trying to find Poppadum chips. I didn't find my chips for the first half hour, and ended up picking a lot of other stuff...frigging crazy huh. And I felt so dizzy with the selection, I was more than ready to leave without my chips.

Can you imagine, there can be like 2 whole aisle filled with items of the same kind i.e. dates?!? I mean how many brands of dates are there! The good news is this place hold a lot of brands which NTUC or Sheng Shiong doesn't hold. If you really is out to find something and it is not in the supermarkets, you are likely to find it here. If it can't be found here, it probably can't be found anywhere else.

Price-wise, it is slightly cheaper than the online retail stores. But...I am not sure if I am willing to travel all the way there. And it can be a bit cramp and stifling inside with all the items and people.

Since I was there, I actually checked out the gold level. And it was very, very impressive. I do see myself buying a piece there in the future...hehe cos some of the designs are really nice. Gold may not be raging with the Chinese here, but it sure do with the Indians.

And if you are shopping there, be prepared to get your bags and other shopping bags cable-tied. I didn't get my bag cable-tied cos my bag is so transparent, you can see everything, LOL! All in all, it is really a great unique must-try experience. I will be back again, but I guess the question is how frequent, haha. In the end, I didn't even buy that much stuff cos it was just too exhausting to walk from one end to another.

Sunday, June 9, 2019

Treasure Trove for your ears: Psycho Lab

So yes while I was in Hong Kong, I actually donned new earrings :D I am not exactly was that even a good choice even to wear these new gorgeous there, because I am mostly drenched - either by the rain or by my own sweat. Sigh. But these earrings from Psycho Lab is worth every penny.

From the box and design of the earrings, you would think I have spent quite a bit right? (I got questioned by my Mum and Hubs on the damage T_T) But, guess what, all these cost less than $50!! Shocking right, and there is a 30% promotion if you use the code "PL30", you pay way, way less!

So here's some of the photos of me wearing the beauties. When I was in Hong Kong, I mostly wore the Sunflower. You could wear it on different orientation and it is almost like a new piece already. :) For the wedding, I wore the Elegant Pearl (OOS now by the way). It is such a statement piece, there is no way you would miss it! Haha, don't even need to zoom to have a look at it. In Macau, I wore the dainty Daisy Fleur.
In collage, from left to right, top to bottom:
  1. Day 2 (Hong Kong) - I woke up at 6-ish to try and catch Chow Yun Fat. Haha, eyes were red and face were puffy. Was wearing the Sunflower cos it was the most cheery piece and I thought this piece would brighten his day and make him more agreeable for a photo. Btw, I wore this for my high tea too!
  2. Day 3(?) (Hong Kong) - Wedding Day! Wore the Elegant Pearl only once. I think this is the only piece that can't really be made casual. Was actually contemplating on getting this cos of its size. Glad I did in the end, cos it is so gorgeous, by itself and on me. *Updates* My Mum has rudely taken it for herself.
  3. Days 4 and 5 (Macau) - Zoom in to see Daisy Fleur. I think she is quite a versatile creature, cos I can imagine pairing her up with a fancy dress. :D

Personally, the bulk of Psycho Lab designs appeal to me. I think the store is named that way because every shopper who enters the site, goes berserk by the choices. I changed my mind so many times, I had to literally tell myself, "Please decide!" And it was so hard, because some of the designs were so cute...and so exclusive.

But out of the greatness of my heart, I will still share this shopping spot with you guys, cos you need to buy out some of the stuff to stop the shopaholic in me from trying to rear its ugly head. More photos of me in Psycho Lab? If you have a sharp eye, you will notice them time to time in my future posts :P