Thursday, May 16, 2019

Journey to the East: Lu Ding Ji

Last weekend, we popped by Lu Ding Ji for affordable taiwanese food. Lu Ding Ji is located at Viva Business Park, right next to Decathlon. For those of you readers who live in the East, it is an extremely convenient place for you to grab a bite after you get some of your sports gears.

You will be happy to note that despite its restaurant setting, the food at Lu Ding Ji is kind to your pockets. You can get a main below S$10 and the portion is very generous. There is a variety of food to choose from, so you will be sure to find something that suit your palette. On an unrelated note, do give a second glance to their porcelain bowls cos they are gorgeous, makes me really want to have something like this at home next time to serve my guest!

Lu Ding Ji adds a local flavour to the food, so the food is not exactly the taste you could get at the Shilin Market in Taiwan. Of the food who tried, 3 of its mains/ snacks  left a deep and very positive impression! From left to right:
  1. Pork Rice Bowl ($9.50) - Very yummy and homey. It is not the Ru Rou Fan you will get in Taiwan. But the braised pork was soft and easy to chew. And it comes with a lava egg too!
  2. Crispy Chawanmushi ($8) - This is exclusive to Lu Ding Ji and I have never tasted anything similar elsewhere. It is my favourite and I would come again just to have this. If you love eggs, you are bound to love this dish.
  3. Intestine Meesua ($10.50) - The braised intestine is soft enough for my liking and the intestine did not come with a smell. It is quite hard to find well-cooked meesua in Singapore. I would really recommend this if you have cravings for meesua.

If you are coming in a group, you might want to try its claypot series. From top left to bottom left:
  1. Tau Kee and Tau Pok Clapot ($4) - Value for money purchase and the gravy is good.
  2. Pig Large Intestine and Stomach Claypot ($12) - My favourite gravy. It has a tinge of vinegar. I could just eat this with plain rice everyday!
  3. Mushroom Noodle Bowl ($8.50) - This might be an acquired taste. Personally, I enjoyed the strong herbal, mushroomy taste of this dish. But not everyone at the table liked it as much as I did. I guess it really depends how "real" a fan of mushrooms you are :P You can also change the noodles to meesua, depending on your preference for your noodles!
  4. Beef Rice Bowl ($10) - My least favourite among the dishes, maybe because I am more particular about my beef?
  5. Chicken Noodle Bowl ($8.50) - This is the healthy version for those of you who wants to avoid the fatty bits of the pork in the braised pork. Personally, I would think the fatty bits are the nice parts, hahaha, but my Bro would think otherwise. Hehe. 

Please also remember to save some tummy for the drinks and desserts!!! Psss, you get to customise your own bubble tea. For us, we chose a Bubblegum Mile Tea with Lychee Popball ($3.50) because it seemed novel. Didn't expect it to end up tasting so incredibly good. For our other drink, we went on the safe route cos we thought the novel drink may end up weird. We picked the Peach Green Tea with Aloe Vera ($3.50). Although it was good, it lacked the surprise factor for me. So try something different when mixing your bubbletea to fully utlise the customise experience.

Even for desserts, you can customise it too! The shaved ice ran out. So we got the customised desserts too. We were a bit bumped that the aiyu and grass jelly base ran out. So we had the tau huay base instead. First of all, I was amazed by the portion!! Good enough for 5 to share!) After adding on all the the toppings, this bowl would cost $6 max. I was also quite impressed with the tau huay cos it tasted different (more milky) than the other tau huay we will have outside. It would be great if they can set up drinks/ desserts store around Singapore. HAHAHA, so that I don't have to go all the way to the East just to have this. HAHAHA!
If you happen to be/live in the East, Lu Ding Ji is one place you should add to your hang-out list. Good food at affordable price, with good variety. What more can you ask for!

Thursday, May 2, 2019

Free Unlimited Data: TPG

May is pretty dang good to me. Finally, I got my little paws on the TPG sim card. This just basically means I have more data and can surf the net more. By right, I should be writing more :D which I hope I will be doing. Tummy still aint the best, have been spending more time at a clinic than I should really.

But, I am picking myself up in the midst of the discomfort and is extremely eager to revive this site now. (Woohoo!) For those who wants more data, go sign up for it too! It is free for a whole year (like what!) I missed it the last time, so I am super darn pleased I got it this time round :D

The collection place wasn't particularly out of the way and the queue wasn't exceptionally long (maybe cos it is a weekday). Plus the staff at Huawei were extremely helpful. Strongly recommend! With that much data at hand,  I hope you guys will enjoy the increase in content!

Sunday, April 28, 2019

Happy Ears: Melike & Fae

Was feeling quite ill for the longest while, but I thought I shouldn't really stay down and glum forever. I am still in quite a bit of pain and have seen 3 doctors in the last week for different medical opinions. I hope it is nothing serious, so pray for me guys!

But meanwhile, to cheer myself up, I decided to do a review. It has been a while since we last did that. I have some clothes coming in soon, but I thought let's do the accessories by Melike & Fae first :D When I am feeling better, I will do a whole look!

I am not sure whether it is an age thing, but I am starting to like my classy looks. I am absolutely in love with this pair cos it has my 2 favourite colours aqua and pink! Usually these colours look a bit childish but I love how this design managed to pull out the glam in it. <3

I have an overseas wedding coming up soon, so I am pretty sure this piece is going with me to **** **** (not disclosing the location yet so stay tune!). I am not too keen about bringing real gems but was initially rather worried how am I at least going to look presentable.... Guess this solves everything!

My grandma has something like this! That was the first thing that came to my mind when I saw this. Part of me was really excited with twining with my grandma (I hope that doesn't sound weird to you guys) There was a time when such designs were really trendy and flooded the jewelry shop. It is a lesser sight now, sadly.

But I am sure we can bring this trend back in. I love the amount of detail which is put into this piece. Usually, most shops would only stamped a design on one side. This one has a dual design so you can wear it your way, however you like it! CNY piece for sure, I am sure grandma will be pleased!

And yea, tassels again. This is a shorter piece and is easier on my ears (not as heavy) hehe. By the way, Melike & Fae holds a whole series of different coloured tassels. They are so bright and pretty, makes me wanna get one of each. Ooops...Hehe. Happy ears; cheery life.

Compared to the other stores I have reviewed, Melike & Fae's price is in the higher range. But in terms of quality and design, it is truly a notch above the rest. The pieces are something you can wear for more formal events and is more age-appropriate for young women. I can't wait for the next series to be out!