Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Just another graduation

So yea guys, I got my masters! Thanks for supporting me! Yea right, it is my bro who graduate. But because I was dressed in the exact shade of navy, a lot of people thought it was me getting my masters. I even had people trying to sell me my grad shot. *Roll Eyes*

Cos that week was my busy period, I was rather adamant about missing it. My Bro kicked a damn big fuss. But heng, a friend at work was also going for the same convo so I got a free ride. Yea!

So funny story ahead guys...cos my friend had a rare surname, at least I thought so. When I saw a graduate that shared the same surname, I happily snapped photos of that dude and sent her. In my head, I was actually thinking "don't really look alike leh"

But please, not that my bro and I look very alike, so I didn't think too much of it. LOL! And the prof that reads out the name was terrible. As long as you have a cheena name, he will get it wrong. It is like zero effort on his part. But, I have to say he made the long commencement a lot more bearable.

I did realise I am actually a pretty damn awesome photographer, paparazzi too. In fact, I think my family only wanted me there...as a photographer. My mum even did her hair for the occasion. Guess it is kinda of obvious who is the favourite child.

So basically, I just spent my life following my bro around, snapping photos of him and his friends. I caught some candid moments too which he told me is highly unappreciated. Whateva la...and he only let me pang gang at 11pm. FML. But I have to admit NUS does have a more instagramable convo than NTU. Check out some of the videos I took. :) Till next time folks, I am exhausted. Bleh!

Friday, July 13, 2018

The flower of my eye

My wedding theme is floral pink and blue and I can't help but wonder if it had been influenced by this little pretty one (or should I call them twos.) So anything that is (i)soft, (ii) floral and (iii) pastel, has been pulling hard the strings in my heart. I just succumb to purchases.

In fact, I am contemplating for my hand flowers to look something like this...lol. Delicate yet intricate, there is just a soft, gentle beauty about it. (Yes, I know my wedding invites are inspired by this too :P)

Here's a side profile of me in these darlings. :) These earrings are made of "crochet fabric" so it gives a nice texture and realism to it. However, one thing I realise though was that this pretty things were a little hard to match.

I think it is due to the fault of my wardrobe (shopping time) I don't have much pastel, dainty clothes in my wardrobe. And most of my clothes are rather smooth and lack texture variety. So I couldn't pull off the softening effect from the earrings. But I think I will definitely look more like a demure lady if I match them with knitted clothes or clothes with laces. :)

Eva from Hana Crochet Design has kindly allowed me to share with you some of her behind the scene photos to let you have a feel how each flower is made. Her designs are amazing. Never would I have imagined crochet earrings could look so beautiful. (The dangling white floras look fitting for a bride doesn't it?)

Her variety is pretty amazing too - dangling, with gems, tassels. Wow. If your dress style is very lady-like and is more of soft, floral themed, you may end up buying her whole store down. :) Hmm, I am now a bit tempted to get myself another pair of white floral earrings...haha

Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Gateway Theatre Birthday Bash

For the very first-time in my life, I saw a mermaid!!! I was invited to Gateway Theatre's first birthday party and it made me realise the childhood I never had. Kids who are living in the west, I realise you kids are so damn lucky.

Just so you know, Gateway Theatre has a Gateway Kids' Club programme which provides a weekly regular programme that includes story-telling, craft sessions and free Play at the Sky Garden, all free for the members of public.

I always thought story telling was some old lady holding a book and reading some fairy tales, and boy how wrong I was. Guess the kids today have it better. Now at Gateway Theatre, you get to experience atas story telling. And your narrator is even Amy Cheng! Hahaha. I mean it is not always her, but she is awesome.

Honestly I never knew she was so expressive. Even without much props, she made the story - "The Spineless Jellyfish and cunning money" come alive. Her change of voice and mannerism made the characters came alive. I can still remember the Jollyfish song :) I think storytelling has went into a whole new dimension with giant puppets and all. It is a show that can be enjoyed by the young and old.

It has been a long while since I have been to any kid's birthday party. But I can assure you this birthday bash was a ball of fun. There was a magic show, carnival games and even handicraft time. Honestly, I didn't expect myself to have that much of a good time. But I did :P

And you know what, if you are looking for places to hold events or a birthday party, check out the Sky Garden. It is a green space with a water feature and a stage. Highly instagrammable and I think the price is pretty reasonable at S$150 per hour. Birthday venue tips, mamas. :D