Sunday, January 13, 2019

Awesome Thai Food: Noodle Thai Thai Kitchen

You guys know how much I love Thai food. When it comes to affordable Thai food, everyone would think this particular shop which used to be at Shaw Tower. However, lately, that place is always overbooked and doesn't really allow reservations. So, I am very happy to chance upon Noodle Thai Thai Kitchen.

It serves a good variety of the usual favourites and also more the more uncommon dishes such as jade noodle, khao soi and stewed pork rib with longan. In addition, Noodle Thai Thai Kitchen, making it a very good place for gatherings.

We visited Noodle Thai Thai Kitchen on a Friday evening, and boy this place was packed around 8pm. And it every reason to be so. The food here was really yummy and the price was reasonable. It is conveniently located, 2 traffic lights down Bugis (the home of great malas and thai cuisine).

The interior of Noodle Thai Thai Kitchen was cosy. But what really impressed me most was the service staff. Okay, generally speaking, places that serve affordable and delicious Thai food always seem to have overly grouchy workers. But at Noodle Thai Thai Kitchen, the staff were very attentive to all the customers' needs and were fast to react and serve! *Thumbs up*

These are some of the food we tried and they are all good! From left to right, top to bottom:
  1. Signature Jade Noodle (Claypot Flower Clam) - $12.90: This is quite uncommon in Thai Restaurants. I always love spinach noodles and have a super soft spot for lala. So I am definitely coming back for this. 
  2. Northern Chang Mai Khao Soi - $7.90: Another uncommon dish. It is basically curry noodle. But unlike our local curry, there is a stronger coconut taste but has a much less spicy kick to it. Good for people who can't take spicy food. My bro loves it though it is not my thing. Everyone needs to try it at least once because it is just not served everywhere.
  3. Thai Style Moo Yang - $12: This dish is frigging addictive. And it taste really good with the sticky rice. Yes, they serve sticky rice here! It is also a good drinking snack, so please order it when you are there. I was really full when this was served, but I just can't stop eating. That's how good it was!
  4. Mango Salad - $8: A very decent dish and it is good to break the taste. The next time I am there, I promise I will try out other salads, ok!
  5. Stewed pork rib with longan - $7.90: My Dad akin this to rou gu cha with longan. Perfect food for rainy days and the longan brings out the sweetness in the soup. (I am going to throw in longans to all the soups I brew in future). By the way, this was the dish featured on Lian He Zao Bao. *winks*
  6. Thai Style Stir Fried Kangkong -$8 - Another uncommon dish and a great drinking snack. The sauce is amazing, so remember to dip them in, ok!

Although we didn't have any of the alcohol, the drinks met the mark for me. Thai drinks are usually very sweet. I have been trying to cut down a lot on my sugar intake and I am happy minus the sweetness, these drink are still awesome.
  1. Thai Lime Soda - $3.80: Not my thing, but my bro calls this the best drink!
  2. Thai Green Latte - $3.80: My favourite drink there, not too sweet and just nice for me. 
  3. Thai Milk Tea - $3.30: It still gives you the Thai Milk Tea goodness without being overpoweringly sweet.
  4. Thai Fresh Coconut - $4: Truly a young one, its meat was soft and tender while the juice was sweet.

Desserts isn't the strongest suit there. We tried the Jasmine Red Ruby ($5.90) and the Organic Sticky Rice with Thai Honey Mango ($7.90).  Before we end off the post, just wanted to do a quick share on an unbelievably good deal I heard while I was there.

If you are in the vicinity during lunch time on a weekday, you should die die make your way there. Because they have this amazing lunch promotion. For $6.90, you get a main, a drink and a dessert. Some of the favourite I have featured are also in this lunch promo list. Don't say I bojio, ok!

Thursday, January 10, 2019

Funky Find: Tesalate Beach Towel

By now, I think it is a well known fact by all my readers that I love anything that is versatile. Because anything has more than one use generally is value for money! Whee~!~

I came across Tesalate beach towels and felt that this was a must-bring to our New Zealand tour. Please click the link at your own risk because once you enter the site, you might end up buying the entire collection. Hehe.

7 reasons why I love Tesalate
  1. It is highly compact. This towel isn't small as you can see. But it is so easy to roll it up and put into a bag and bring to a pool/ beach. And it is very light too! 
  2. You can use it as a throw! Okay, this was a surprise use for it. But it really does look on our bed. Plus, flip it around and you have a whole new look. Guess when it is not in da gym bag, it can be a pretty good house deco. 
  3. It is a good yoga mat towel. Okay, I tried it one day and I realised hey this towel has a pretty good grip (o.O) I think it is really due to its sand-free properties. The sand slip off but your body stays on. 
  4. Ok, now for its real use - it is an amazing beach towel. The sand truly doesn't stick on, as promised. I think it because of the fabric, it doesn't have much threads' ruff and whats not.
  5. It holds water very well. I love this for swimming cos most towels doesn't seem to dry me completely. But this does. :D
  6. It dries fast too! I am not sure what magic is this. But this pretty much means, there is no need to swap towels. Wash it and you can use it the next day!
  7. IT IS GORGEOUS. Enough said, and the variety of designs availabel on Tesalate is astounding. It took me eons to settle on one and a lifetime of regrets to walk away with just one. 
We will be updating more photos, so stay tune!

Thursday, January 3, 2019

Secret spots in Singapore

Yea 2019 is finally here. Honestly, 2018 hasn't been too bad of a year, but I really want 2019 to be better. Feeling pretty hopeful about it, because finally...I have made up my mind to make a change. :D More happiness, more joy, more smiles.

Basically, more to life! Since year-end is always a good time reminisce about the past and evaluate decisions for the future, I decided to share with you some "hotspots" that throw you back to the past, like wow.

1. Lorong Buangkok

Possibly the last of its kind, this is a kampong, right smack in Singapore. So, real people actually live here and there are even the overhead telephone lines. Though you can find such scenes in our neighbouring countries, this is really awesome because it is just so unexpected to find something like this in Singapore.

The area isn't big and a part of me really wished that this scene can be conserved. I guess it must be tough for the folks living there to always have curious strangers peering through and wanting to snap photos (super guilty of this). There are also mozzies flying around, but if you want a true kampong experience, you really need to give and take a little.

Take buses 70 or 103 from Serangoon MRT Station and alight 10 stops later at B67079. When you see cross the road, you will see a Shell Petrol Station. Lorong Buangkok is situated behind the canal!

2. Grassroots Book Room 

The hubby and I chanced upon this Indie bookstore coincidentally and I think we both fell in love with the place. Sorry for not taking many photos, but this bookshop is quaint, gorgeous and even comes with a cafe. The selection of books held were mainly chinese, but the titles were atypical.
Between me and you, I barely read any Chinese book. But for the first time of my life, I bought a Chinese book ("a blind date" too) and actually asked the hubby to get it for me as my Xmas present instead, which he readily did. I haven't exactly started reading the book (read it the wrong way round the first time...golly)

But I am very proud of myself for taking the first step :) Really excited about trying the cafe the next time round. This place really is a gem so please support it cos my heart will break if it close down. (The owners currently have funds to sustain it for 3 years.)

Grassroots Book Room. Katasumi Koohii δΈ€ιš…ηˆη² (cafe)
25 Bukit Pasoh Road, Singapore 089839
Opening Hours: 12pm – 8pm (Mon, Wed & Thu), 12pm – 9pm (Fri & Sat), 12pm – 6pm (Sun), Tue Closed