Sunday, July 16, 2017

LOTD: It's Party Time!

I am sure by now most of you know by now one of theme in which ForFunk is yakking non-stop about is culturally neutral fashion. Basically, it just means you get to try out different type of looks even if it is or may be normally associated with a particular race, class or nationality.

Today, I will be wearing the hanbok. It is not exactly fashion inspired. It is a very beautiful costume and is a piece in which you could wear for special occasions such as D&D, parties and even as maternity dress. Hehe.

So Jiang jiang, that's me in my hanbok. If you are wondering why my hair isn't tied up, that's because I look like an ajumma when I wear it in my ponytail. When my hair was long and curly, I could twirl it and wrap it around my head like a court lady. Will update another photo of me in it when my hair is longer, ok. (Totally worthy of any best-dressed award!) Hehe.

Pardon my messy hair and even messier ribbon. I did my best to give myself a gigantic fancy tie. (Just in case you want to tie it like me, I decided on the length of the ribbon first and double-tied it so that it was proportional.)

Apart from the ribbon, the Hanbok is really easy to wear. The inner pink spagetti dress is airy and good for Singapore or even Korea's Summer weather. Also, it comes with velcro and is stretchy. With the petticoat on the outside, you don't really have to worry about being too fat or skinny for the costume haha. The turquoise petticoat with a clip on button to secure it. It is a fantastic simplified version for any of you who are eager to dress up fast.

Just in case you are wondering, the costumes in this post are all from Party Basket. And they have an amazing collection of hanbok at an incredibly affordable price too. (<S$40) Personally, pairing up the contrasting colours looks nicer for Hanbok. But if you really want to use it as a maternity dress, then you may consider something duller. :P

I guess from the photos, it is kinda of obvious what is the second costume. Yesh, I am the pretty (maybe a little slutty) Santarina from Finland. Guess Christmas just came early! If you are looking for a costume that you can wear again and again, I guess this is it. After all, Christmas is a yearly affair just like birthdays.

Okay in comparison to the hanbok, I think the material is not as good. It is nice and furry, reminding me of suede. But I think it traps the fur balls from the hat. But if you are looking for something that won't last forever and hog your wardrobe, this is the piece! And I like the fact it can be quite versatile if you pair it with a jacket etc.

Usually, I don't really edit my pics. But I just couldn't resist editing this collage cos it is so festive (when in a set). Check out my Santa's beard. Guess, I am not that good with strings and knots. Was totally struggling to "corset" up myself. After much tries, I decided it look better loose than tight hehe. I also note that I don't look as good as the models in the photo. *Sobs*

But still I think I look fantabulous in both costumes. Ending the post with a photo I think is funny (Me in my face roller). I thought it look a bit like a "Korean" me doing plastic surgery. I am not sure even how I made my face that round and over-sized. Gah.

For any of you who are keen to get yourself the costumes I tried or other costumes i.e. superheroes, movie characters, I think you may want to consider Party Basket. (Especially if you don't like renting or sharing, the costumes at Party Basket is very affordable and of decent quality.) As some of the costumes may need to be Pre-ordered, so do order early before your 'big day'.

Guess what, you can even find something for the little ones too. Guess you can twin around with them. And do check out their Princess collection. I am starting to think it might be quite a good idea to do a Princess photoshoot. Oh yea we do have something big coming up. So keep your eyes peel to the blog!

Thursday, July 13, 2017

LOTD: Looking awesome with Midniteblue

It has been a long time since I last wrote on fashion. So hip hip hurray, we are back with some LOTD. I hope you are excited with what I am going to share, because I sure am myself.

The clothes I am wearing today are mainly from Midniteblue. It is quite an amazing shop given that what you see in pictures is what you get. As most of the items are in PO, the only downside is that you have to wait. (But you still you don't have to wait that long!)

Lately, I noticed that Midi and Maxi skirts seem to be very in. Even young girls are wearing it. Pardon me for saying this for longer skirts used to be associated with older and more mature women. I decided not only to give Midi skirts a go but also try out one with prints.

And voila, I look like a demure yet modern, young lady. I like the effect. <3 Just in case if you think prints might be kinda of hard to match (Mine has a huge ferris wheel by the way!!) Just try out with a simple, mono top. My top had frills and still it worked well too! :D

It has been a while since I reviewed tees and a cute one too. So, this might be refreshing to you guys. Personally, I found the white alien tee a bit too sheer for my liking if I had to wear this out. makes a very nice comfy shirt at home. Especially when the weather is so hawt, this is really good.

Of cos the sheer white tee has "not yet babe" which upz the kawaii factor. But the other designs are really nice too. In fact, the grey one caught my eye. If the material is less sheer, I am sure it would look great with short, skorts, and jeans!

For the printed skirts, there are many designs you can choose from. The skirt comes with a partial rubberised at the back (so it is still stretchy) and has a zip at the side. It doesn't come out crunched at the top so you can still tuck in your top confidently. :D

So if you are into phone cases, cosmetics or even footwear (this shop has amazingly dope footwear), you may really want to check out Midniteblue. Most of their items are very reasonably priced. So do show them some love ok? :D P.S. they have many positive comments by the way.

P.S. Quote ForFunk and you get to enjoy 10% off from any bags, apparels and footwear. Enjoy 5% off for all cosmetics!

Sunday, June 18, 2017

Funky Find: What is my Carbon Footprint

I am very into going green lately, so I thought I would share with you a pretty interesting website - What is my Carbon Footprint. It is a Singapore Edition which lets you calculate your impact on Earth. You just have to answer a few questions and you will get your results.

Interestingly, some of us may think that we are very Green but actually are pretty far from doing so. Taking me for example, I think I travel and maybe hoard a little too much. Maybe it is time for me to be a minimalist.

The one on the left is my result, while the result on the right belongs to the BF. Guess we are pretty Green. I am slightly greener cos of my diet. I eat a lot more Greens than meat. I thought just wanted to clarify that being environmentally friendly doesn't mean you have to forgo all your meat. You just have to reduce your consumption.

Being green pretty much starts from oneself. I am now recycling bottles etc. :D Just in case any of you are wondering how Green Singapore is, Singapore actually lacks behind the Scandinavian nations, Taiwan, Japan and Korea. But there are definitely a lot more efforts being made.

If you are interested in visiting a Green Community, you can try out Yu Hua. There are recycling projects spearheaded by the residents (ongoing for 10years already, mind you) and you will also find some test-bed experiments such as the green wall (doesn't seem to be thriving too well though) and the pneumatic bins.

I took some photos in the resident's gardens. Usually it is not open. And it is really nice and quaint. I am sure in your neighbourhood there is also probably a nice spot like this waiting to be found. :) Ending the post with a video for your enjoyment.