Friday, March 8, 2013

Review: Art of face mask

I never knew that there was so much things to know about face mask. Usually, I would just slapped one on my face if I was given any by my friends. I don't use any particular face mask.

Anyway, do you know that there is a face mask for different function! And are you supposed to clean your face after you put on a mask?
 Face Mask
Presenting to you my stash of face mask from Etude House, courtesy from a friend who went to Korea. I think it can last me the whole year. I don't face mask once a week. =P
From left to right:
Aloe:Prevent Acne, Smooth Skin
Hyaluronic acid: Skin softening
Red Ginseng: Repairs skin damaged by stress, pollution, debris and weather
Collagen: Skin elasticity care
Green Tea: Sooths and comforts stressed and fatigued skin
Vitamin C: Skin brightening
Lemon: Brighten skin tone
Pomegranate: Nourish healthy complexion
Royal Jelly: Helps skin to maintain smoothness, softness and luminosity
Pearl Extract: Promotes natural skin glow

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