Friday, January 3, 2014

Review: Insomniac no More with Ennora

Do you stay up at night with a wandering mind?
Are you a fan of yoga and meditation?Ennora
Check out Ennora - The Binaural beats are of 2 different frequencies which will induce lower brain frequency and bring our mind into a state of relaxation.This can help reduce stress and anxiety, giving us a better night's sleep.
It is also said to improve memory. I am not sure if my memory is getting better. But one thing for sure, I am having better rest. I don't wake up as frequently in the night anymore. :)
Ennora album
Here is the playlist I sampled:
  1. Astral Projection - Reminds me of the rubbing of 2 Gongs against each other
  2. God Consciousness - Really like it. The pitter patter of rain drops slowly dripping down the roof
  3. Perfect Sleep - A relaxing melody. Something you will hear at a spa
  4. Recharge & Refresh - Sounds like God Consciousness with a more obvious frequency in the background
  5. Chakra Balance - Also like God Consciousness with a higher frquency in the background
  6. Deep Concentration - The flowing of a river stream complemented by birds singing a merry tune
  7. Crystal Clear Mind - A simple flute tune with birds chirping
  8. Lucid Dreams - Does resemble Electro-pop. But it is really soothing and not at all annoying
Don't over think, sometimes it is great to relax, chill, listen to some rhythmic beats and fall into a deep slumber.
Cos keeping up awake all night really and truly -- sux.

--Sponsored by Ennora

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