Saturday, September 20, 2014

Ka Bloom with Sample Store Launch

Yeah, I know I am supposed to be intently revising. But I received invites to Ka Bloom from Sample Store. Nobody in the right mind will not turn up. Good food and lots of samples to let you try till your heart's content!
I didn't really take much photos there, too busy sampling. So 3 photos you see here have been koped online. If you see any of your photos here, it is cos it is very well taken. And I do not take any credit for your gorgeous photos. :)
Syringe Cupcakes
There was like photo booths and so many other booths that have great deals and samples. To name a few, there are Tsubaki (totally crazy about their hair products) and My Beauty Diary (One of my fav mask). Plus, I finally got a chance to go down to Fullhouse Signature. There seems to be so many events held there, and this is the first one I actually got invites for. My social marketing career is finally going uphill. #joking (always uphill)#
Miacare was this new Acne product that really caught my eye. It would be launching soon, so do keep a look out on their barely visible Acne patch/sticker at your nearest drugstore. Goodal has this really nice-smelling skin mist too even though the sales lady was not too friendly :( And did I tell you there was a buffet there?!? The food wasn't that fantastic, but sometimes food (especially when it is free) just excites me :P
Ka BloomYipee, if you were there, you would have seen me won a pair of GV tickets. My mum won the other pair. Just nice, BF and I wanna catch Box Trolls. (We caught Maze Runner the other weekend, dammit spent nearly 30 bucks on the tix) So these tix sure come in handy! And the amount of samples we got to bring back...*Squeals*
If you are thinking there will be a giveaway, eh no? Cos my mum is hogging all the anti-aging stuff. The rest, we have split into bags for my grandma, aunty and my BF's mum. Hehehe. So there is really not that much to go around. Sorry, but you know what, there will definitely be stuff coming up and hopefully to giveaway too :)
As we were making our way home, my bus app showed this. Totally embarrassing. I was telling my Mum "Shit, the bus is not operating now!" And my Mum was like "Rubbish, I see the bus coming" -.- This app will totally be the death of me. Still, it didn't ruin my happy day!!!
Okay, shall study tomorrow. Today, I sound a little high on samples :P

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