Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Beauty Alert: Illamasqua

Make-up Junkies alert! Illamasqua first flagship store is open now in Takashimaya S.C.#B1-32!
Illamasqua is a UK brand. For those who love experimenting with bold looks, you would be thrilled to know this brand has a wide collection of colours and this includes pretty bright colours as well.
Was pretty excited to get myself a pair of invites to attend an exclusive make up demo. But as my luck would have it, I had to OT. *sad face* But, I thought I would like to share with you some highlights which I got from their Facebook.
I know right, it look like it was so much fun! I could have been there, learning all the cool tips and the next thing you know, I will be flaunting all my new skills and presenting a funkier me. Now you feel my pain. *Pouts*
OMG, just check out these looks. I don't know whether I can pull them off. But I sure love those boldacious lippies! I have to admit I am secretly in love with the purple lipstick HAHAHA!
But I do feel that not all of you may share my taste. Illamasqua is a brand which you would either worship it and fall head over heels in love with or just go like "neh". Goth, dark and dangerous isn't for everyone. :)
If you are free, do drop them a visit, and tell me what you think? Their shopfront really do look sleek and sophiscated, yea?

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