Sunday, July 26, 2015

4D Adventureland

Today was an extraordinarily fun day. :) I think maybe cos I was sickly for so long. A long outing out this just seems so exhilarating in comparison. It was dreary raining day today. Dashed off to the 4D Adventureland early in the morning cos we had free tickets :) :) :)
Online, there are pretty much mixed reviews. I did think that anyone with motion sickness would absolutely puke through the rides. But if the BF survived it without a green face, I am pretty sure anyone could.
4D adventure
Because the BF was utterly convinced that it was not value for money, we did not top up for "Pirates". We just went on the typical 3 unlimited rides. Plus the place was not as well-maintained as the rest of Sentosa, which shouldn't be the case. So it doesn't really give you the confidence to upgrade your tickets.
1. Desperados
Believe it or not, I went on the ride 4 times. Lol! Cos it was pretty fun and it had a show every 5 minutes. Plus my Mum wanted to get into the list of top shooters before we could leave. Actually, BF, Bro and I are always in the top few. BF is always 1 rank behind me. No one can come between us. LOLOL! That's how tight we are. But it is really the most addictive ride there. And seats does somewhat matter although technique is definitely more important.
2. Extreme Log Ride
The first time I took it, I was really far from the screen. I had no idea why people were even screaming. The second round, I took the first row centre seats, and I started yelping. My whole impression of the ride changed. It is so much more exciting if you are right in front cos your vision is not obscured. Everything is just more realistic. Not much of a storyline, but you are being tossed and turned everywhere. I think if 4D effects were thrown into this ride, it would have been my immediate favourite. So, remember, pick a good seat.
3. Journey 2
Most online reviews said this was the best, because it had the most effects. You could smell stuff; you felt this and that. It had a star-studded cast. But it was pretty much like Shrek from USS. Not that special, that's my verdict. I think why everyone raves about it simply because the seats just doesn't matter. If you didn't get good experiences on the 2 rides, Journey 2 becomes fantastic in comparison. 
Overall, I still think 4D Adventureland is kinda of expensive if you compare it to S.E.A Aquarium, which is much cheaper and more impressive. The queues are longer than the rides, that explains the ridiculous selfies I do to entertain myself. But everything in Sentosa is expensive, so well maybe for a tourist, it is worth it.
The rides made my tummy the right side up,so that was great. At least I don't have to rush home halfway. And I am convinced that I am an ace shooter and in times of war, I will 代(夫)从军! (Mulan Joke)

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