Saturday, October 3, 2015

Review: Skinny Dipping with Braun Silk Epil 7

Braun Silk Epil 7
Cos I wanted to go skinny dipping so I got a Braun epilator. This is not the latest model, but during its time, it was dope! Never ever tried this method of hair removal, but I have read, heard about it and one of my friend even uses it. I didn't see her use it but her skin is really smooth. We are guessing it is the epilator and a good moisturizer at work?
So good for me, I got to test it out and guess what, I actually kinda like it. My favourite is still IPL cos it is more permanent. Epilating is a little like waxing. It rips the hair out. I know I am using the word "rip", it is not really that painful. Either that, you sort of get use of the pain. For beauty, what's a little nip!
My only grouse is that the manual is not very informative. Wait, hold on, you read the manual?!? Yeah, I did cos of the many parts of the epilator and I didn't really want to spoil it. But because it didn't have the information I was looking for, I ended up just using my brain to figure it out *Sounds extremely reluctant to put that big head into use*
The different parts are useful in the sense it can better suit the different parts of your body. But for me, I just the same one cos I am too lazy to change it. The Silk Epil 7 is relatively water-proof so you can use it during shower. I find it more effective to use it on dry skin though.
Leg Hair Jokes
Spoiling every guy's fantasy of Ariel. HAHAHA~
My final verdict
  1. IPL - Permanent
  2. Epilator - Less Painful then waxing and the procedure is simpler - work it like shaver. It still leave some short hair though. Doesn't take too much concentration and you can do it in your own comfort. Multi-tasking is also made possible since it ain't that much of a dangerous tool. It really can't rip your skin out. 
  3. Wax - Painful, but it get rids a good deal of the hair.
  4. Shaving - I don't use this method at all, cos the blades would destroy my sensitive leg skin. It removes even the short-hair.
My Current Hair Removal Methods: IPL and Epilator

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