Saturday, December 5, 2015

Going Atas: Starbucks and LV

So excited for today because we are almost having a whole day date!!! Was planning to separate the events but it seems we are more on heavy-content post lately. So, don't really wanna break the good trend.
Started the morning early at one of the most gorgeous store of Starbucks. This is the 100th Store opened in Singapore and is at the Fullterton Boat House. It isn't the easiest place to find on Earth, but we weren't the latest. Would love to say I was specially there for breakfast, LOL, but it was more of the case I missed breakfast and they happened to serve the sides to go with the coffee.
Starbucks Waterboat House
Another 1st! First time attending a coffee tasting session at my coffee place, Starbucks with BF. Although, I am a Starbucks fan, I am not much a coffee lover. My favourite drinks at Starbucks don't even contain caffeine, but today I had 3 tiny cups of Long Black. (Actually is probably 1 small cup, poured some into the BF's cup when no one as looking. HAHAHA)
Fans would have probably heard about the Christmas Blend. Generally, we can't taste the difference nor even sight the subtle colour difference. (BF has even worse taste buds than me. Everything, he also say "coffee" like what...) Generally, the whole tasting session was to teach the participants to become connoisseur of coffee...Not! :P
Christmas Blend
The biggest takeaway for Coffee Nuts (New coined terms for people who love coffee but know nuts about it) is that you will learn about coffee beans and at least use proper terms to describe the taste of coffee when conversing. The most fascinating fact for me was probably how the long black taste changes when you consume the sides. I don't usually take them au naturel so I have probably been missing out the natural aroma of the coffee beans.
Won't be sharing too much here cos I am guessing the material would be re-used for most of their workshop but it is pretty value for money. We got to taste 3 tiny sides and bought home a pack of roasted bean. Plus, it is an interesting experience. Would probably want to try coffee art next time. But...still not a fan of coffee cos it stains my teeth. 
Bugis Plus
Lunch at Ramen Champion is so super yummy! I always thought I didn't have much of a thing for Ramen when the BF brought me to the most famous store at Tanjong Pagar. But the ramen we had were so delicious (You can go see the pics on my Instagram!) Cos we still had too much time at hand before setting off to our next destination, we just loitered and took photos at the top floor which had a floral themed swings, carriages etc.
The good thing about "ulu" malls are that there are no crowds so you don't need to be embarrassed about taking photos. Haha. It has come to my (our) attention that we are apparently a couple with failing memory. So now, I just immortalise all happy memories on Instagram. On a side note, I am thinking about doing posts on sub-urban posts since they have less generic, repeated shops and are a lot more interesting!
Series 3
Presenting the next top model of Series 3, Louis Vuitton! Hahaha, pretty fine imitation just that I might need to lose a few pounds. The series 3 exhibition is now in Singapore! Was kinda of bummed cos I am actually more interested in their legacy and heritage. This exhibition focuses more on the craftsmanship.
And for the guys who are very bent on knowing if LV bags are sold there, your wallets are safe. There is only one limited edition SG50 trunk being sold there but it is very fancy, not the classic which most ladies love. I wouldn't say it is a boring experience for guys cos you can tell a lot of thoughts had been put into the exhibitions.
L V Series 3
We went for the guided tour, but I don't think the guide was particularly fantastic so you might enjoy just venturing around yourself. Be prepared to get your senses delighted even though this is a free exhibition. It is haute couture after all. There is a hologram, a catwalk, a lounge(!) and also enough photo taking articles for you to be occupied.
What impressed me was their presentation. No 2 rooms are the same and their staff are very ready to provide you more information. They even flew in 2 artisans. You will definitely learn more about the brand and maybe hanker about owning something luxurious. What touched unfortunately would not be considered sold :(
Series 3 LV
One of my favourite exhibits was the accessories room. It is just a super smart way of displaying the accessories. Using white mannequins, the focus was on the accessories. I kinda like the transparent walk-in wardrobe too. Can't really decide if I would want that in my house cos everyone would see the skeletons (in my closet). That might not be a pretty sight. Haha.
If you are wondering, why are such items so expensive? Let me tell you, each items are actually handmade. I think I posted quite a difficult question, asking "Am I right to say no 2 items are the identical?" They gave me a rather brilliant answer saying "Each is made to their own perfection." An indirect answer which maintained the dignity of the brand. *Clap clap*
If you are keen to go for the exhibition, I suggest going now cos not many people are aware of it yet. So there is still not an overwhelming number of people. It is up until 23 December. Click here for more information. :)

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