Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Pocari Sweat Run

3D Pen Art
Get well bear made by the BF using a 3D pen. Ugly but Adorbs!!! Haha. Now, I am a huge fan of runs. Just like to run with a group of people wearing the same attire. Heh. 
For those of you like-minded people, out there, another run for you people out there! POCARI SWEAT is calling out to runners to join the brand in completing the journey and running together in this year’s edition of the Run. In the four years that the POCARI SWEAT Run has been held in Singapore, runners have covered a total of 300,000 KM, which is more than 75% of the distance between the Earth and the Moon. In 2016, with a remaining distance of 80,000 KM, participants can make history by taking part in either the 5KM or 10KM category, with each step contributing to the journey to the Moon.
Pocari Sweat
Do you know? Before astronauts ascend to space, they have to go through lunar landing programs to prepare themselves for their journey. For this run, there will be activities such as astronaut recruitment centers, based in selected NTUC FairPrice hyper-marts, which involve hydration examinations and space run simulations to heighten the anticipation for the Run. In addition, POCARI SWEAT will be conducting “Space Training Programs” to help prepare registered “Astronauts” for their mission. The running clinics seek to help participants to achieve their goals and personal bests for the upcoming POCARI SWEAT Run.
Thematic elements will be included throughout the POCARI SWEAT Run; from the appearance of a space expert to space-themed refueling stations, or hydration points, which will allow runners to properly hydrate themselves in order to achieve their peak performance. These will give participants a feel of their journey from the Earth to the Moon, much like a lunar expedition.
Ready to run to the moon? Join the POCARI SWEAT Run 2016 to run to the moon together! Sign up now to enjoy the early bird promotion which goes till 30 April 2016. Registration closes on 19 June 2016 or once all running slots are sold out.

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