Monday, June 20, 2016

Pokemon Cafe Review

From the photos, I think it is no surprise where I went to chase my Monday blues away. Yeap, it is the Pokemon Cafe. :D Sent a number of my friends an editorial picture of it and was kinda of expecting nobody to follow up with me (as always) - cos I am suggesting out-of-the world ideas and usual and this is one hell of an expensive place.
But, apparently, a Pokemon-craze friend followed up with me and there I am. I picked Monday night cos I intelligently expected it to be less crowded. And true enough, we didn't even queue more than 15 minutes. Amazing or what!
Pokemon Cafe
Although it is called a Pokemon cafe, it is pretty much Pikachu themed. Hate rodents? You really shouldn't be there. Don't want to break your bank, please shy away from there too. Generally, the food is decent. What you are looking at is nearly $100-worth of cuteness.
Located at Bugis Junction on the 4th floor, I took the escalator up and down just to take photos of the surrounding. Xiao Za Bor or what. I am not really that ardent of a fan, but when I looked up from my phone and saw an army of Pikachu surrounding me...well, yes I am simply overwhelmed by the kawaii-ness. *swoons*
Pokemon Selfie
Not going to be embarrassed to admit that I am there to just take photos. There were supposed to be Pikachu mascots. I guess that's just me. Chey. But it's alright, I can happily self-entertain. And so we just took photos and more photos. $100 entrance fees all for this. #IknowIamFrivolous
And just when I thought I was the mad hatter in the family. Someone in my family went to take photos at a cemetery. Damn good ones too. But, I am too chicken for that, so well you have to live up with the cute me. Hehe.
Pokemon Toaster and Cup
Supposed to get a free cup, but dang it is out of stock. Come back in July folks. But...I got S$5 off. Haix not meant to be mine. And we got toasters...the cheap papery kind. Just kept one for momento. They were also "table mats". Can't remember what that crap is really called, cos it is just a piece of lousy paper.
Basically, all the free gifts sucks. But cos, I am Singaporean, I am gonna go "Better than nothing"! (Only the cup is decent, but it is OOS) I thought I was going to bring a merchandise home. But when I saw the price, logic got the better of me. LOL. 
Ending off with an anniversary-like photo. If this were a Bromance, I would have been labelled gay. But I am a girl, so society accept affectionate behavior from me. Heheh. I have good art skills yea.  And if you are wondering why it looks kinda of messy...erm cos they served the dessert first?!? So being a smart alec, I thought we should just put it aside.
Who knows the Pokeball couldn't stand the test of time, Pikachu refused to be caught and escaped!!! The table was really small too. Zzz. Overall, I think it is quite a novel experience. You definitely have to pay for novelty so the price ain't much of a surprise. Will I drop by again? Excuse me, I am not made of money OK!
P.S. Sorry, Mondays makes me bitchy

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