Friday, August 26, 2016

Organic Lipbalm from Handmade by Mirth

It has been a while since I am crazy and biased towards organic products. Personally, I feel that you don't see the effects immediately when you use all-natural products but in the long run, you will find the inner radiance slowly glowing. Currently, I am still using a mixture of natural and chemical products to maintain the overall looks and not be stripped off my unnatural shine.
As far as Singapore is concerned, organic products are way more expensive, simply because we don't have a big enough consumer base. And so, many of such brands or handmade products will have to be imported. The cost of shipping is simply what jack up the prices.
Handmade by Mirth
I was pretty excited when I came across Handmade by Mirth. Firstly, it is really rare to come across handmade lip balms made in Singapore. Secondly, the packaging looks really decent in the photos. Thirdly, there is a good variety. Last but not least, the price is reasonable.
And so I thought, I must definitely give this a go and let you readers know more about this. I am sure some of you only use organic products. And if Handmade by Mirth proves to be a good alternative, you might save some money!
Mini Organic Lip BalmI tried out their mini collection. Just to let you see how cutely tiny it is, I compared it with the size of my hand. Haha. Even though the whole tube has been shrunk, the twisting mechanism was working fine. Tried twisting it up and down a few times. (I came across handmade brand overseas, but the tube was kinda of rudimentary. It could only go up :( ) But Handmade by Mirth's worked perfect. 
Even their namecards were made tiny. #cute. I thought the size was perfect because I get tired of using the same tube after a while. I end up chalking my fridge with lots of my used balm. (Freezing it makes it last longer). For me, this size could be more value for money. (S$6 versus S$10 regular size). Plus I think they make great X'mas gifts!
Organic Lipbalm Singapore
Generally, the lip balms are pretty good. The application was really smooth and it kept my lips well moistured. I like how some of the scent lingered around my lips. :D I don't use it with lipsticks so I comment on the layering with lipsticks. 
Given the price and the quality, I have to say this Singapore brand is comparable to any other overseas handmade brand. I am proud to say "I am pretty satisfied."
Fresh Vanilla
I thought I might share with you my views on the different flavours available as well. *Preferences may differ with each individual.* My least favourite was the French Vanilla. I found the scent a little too strong for my liking. It was very fragrant but I was just not used to such strong tasting lip balm.
Organic lipbalm Singapore
My favourite was these 3. Maybe I like more fruity stuff, though Lavender isn't exactly a fruit. I am currently using the watermelon one the most cos I find it more unique than passionfruit. How many other brands have Watermelon lip balms!!!
I really like the lavender one too, however I think it could be an acquired taste. Don't think it is a masses scent. It is either you love it or hate it. And I obviously love it. The passionfruit and watermelon scent would suit any of you who love fruity balms. Hopefully, it doesn't keep your tummy rumbling all day. It does taste and smell pretty yummy!
Organic Lip Balm
If you like something more subtle, I would strongly recommend the Aloe Vera and the Original. You won't feel hungry with these 2 cos I find them scentless.  
If you want to get yourself one to try out or a set of minis, you can visit Handmade by Mirth. You can customise your name on it too for an additional $2. (Bridemaid's gifts anyone?) They have bulk orders special price as well. Alternatively, you can always e-mail Han at

Just for my readers only, quote "HBM0817CY" to get a 5% off you bill! Just some cost savings to make your day sweeter and reward you for reading/ supporting my blog!

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