Thursday, January 19, 2017

Bracing for CNY with Pretty Sweet Beads

Since CNY was around the corner, I thought it was pretty apt to talk about accessories and the looks that would go with it.
So here are 3 types of bracelets from Pretty Sweet Beads. It came nicely wrapped in those protective layer with a bow and I thought it look really pretty. Better than wrapping paper. I guess a ribbon does makes things look nicer. Hehe.
There are 3 bracelets which i would re-name them separately for easy remembrance. From right, we have: Patriotic Red and White, Candy Colours, Pandora Silver. They are all stretchy bracelets by the way. Fat liao also can wear :D
Initially, I felt this could be pretty tacky. OMG red and white, that's totally like our national flag la. But I guess it is because the beads are of very decent quality so the whole look was uplifted. (It's not made of cheap plastic by the way.) When you have overly, solid bold colour, you would be quite worried it might look old and retro. But I think look pretty cute.
This is also my CNY look for this year by the way. I think it looks pretty cute. I am in my Mum's old skirt and a fluffy top (got it at $10 at a sale when I was skinny). I don't think I could have fitted in comfortably last few years, but this time round, I managed to squeeze in. :D #SlimDownSuccess
My mum said this looks childish. So I decided to challenge myself to "smarten" it up. I guess a Little Black Dress can naturally make anything classy. When paired with a LBD, the pastel coloured bracelet provided a refreshing pop of colour. Kiddish? I don't think so.
So don't be afraid of pastel colours. Just because you look feminine doesn't make you weaker or less mature in any sense. Haha, but even though I say this, I have barely any pastel work clothes apart from peach. But colourful bracelets, I can live with them. I am after all a My Little Pony Fanatic. Hee-Haw.
This piece is definitely a classy piece and I can totally imagine it going very well with my Little Black Dress. But there is no fun matching a look which I am pretty certain it would work. So I wondered if it would look as good if I wore with it my casual going out clothes.
So without even any effort to dress well, I put on my bracelet. Ok leh, even with a simple tee and a normal pair of shorts, I think I don't look too shabby. But I have to say an accessory does make it look that a person put some thought into dressing. Haha. 
(Un)Fortunately, these 3 pieces are still available on Pretty Sweet Beads. I don't really want to be twinning!!! Haha, but there are a lot of other variations. And you can make slight customisations. I think I will do a pastel look next. Very unlike me, but I will try. So keep a look out for it!

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