Thursday, April 20, 2017

Food Tour Part 2

The only reason I am writing about food again is because I am clearing the photos in my phone and I realise that there are too much food photos AGAIN! (Food review blog maybe?!?)
I am also kinda of busy lately, and these are the only posts that doesn't require too much of my time to write since the photos are already are so well taken (supposedly for Instagram) but yea dono why never post also :( 
This is my favorite Korean restaurant of all time. I was contemplating for the longest time whether I should write about them because lol once they are famous, I would probably have to queue :( and I will lose a quaint spot where I can have a nice meal with my friends etc. (LOL!) But yes, this place serve the best Ja Jiang Mian ever. I even preferred it to those I ate it Korea.
I have tried nearly everything off the menu and I wouldn't recommend the dumplings. Other than that, all the food are very good although some of them is very Chinese cuisine like. I think they are owned by a Korean family (Not sure, cos every time only go there eat not to interview HAHAHA). But they are so good now, even though they are at a very hidden spot in Central, there is still a queue! Be prepared to queue if you are going there during dining hours.
My Dad actually makes pretty decent Bak Kut Teh so I don't usually have Bak Kut Teh outside. (My standards are very high.) If I do, I will have mine at Song Fa. :D There is actually a few other popular Bak Kut Teh stores (one on the purple line which I don't bother to remember the location cos I don't like it :P) but I like theirs best.

I think I like the strong herbal taste of the soup (Free flow some more) and their Chicken Feet. Damn good. Soft and Slimy. That means Yum. And I know a lot of my friends who like it as well. So I can happily conclude, I am in no way bias.

Had this on either my Mum and Dad's birthday. I don't usually take Crystal Jade lol cos my secondary friends like DTF and my college friends go for Paradise Dynasty (we even have membership with them?!?). So, I don't usually eat anything different. But...actually Crystal Jade is quite good too. 

I think comparatively. DTF is lighter. Paradise Dynasty is richer and more thicker in terms of taste and texture. The food serve at Crystal Jade is more homey and looks more unhealthy LOL! But is quite a nice variation to what we usually eat and have :D

Do try some of them and let me know if you like them as much as me. This segment is just interim as and when I have too much food photos. So, please don't keep asking when will the next one be up!

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