Saturday, May 20, 2017

Family, Fitness, Fun! with Zoom

So a while back, I went to Zoom Park with the Smitten Team. So just a little bit more information on Zoom Park, it is the biggest indoor trampoline park in Singapore at 20,000 square feet with over 80 springy trampoline mats! 
The best thing about Zoom Park is that fun is really affordable. An hour jump is about $17 (with party packages at $38 per pax) and with additional hours the rate per hour decreases. (That's still cheaper than my yoga class!) And for every hour you are burning up to 1000 calories! Apprently,10 minutess of jumping is equivalent to 30 mins of jogging! o.O
The facilities include a trampoline dodgeball court, high performance trampoline mats, parkour walls, slam dunk courts, tumble tracks and a 17m lateral rock wall (which I failed to climb even halfway! I thought I would enjoy jumping into the foam pit but when I realised it was rather difficult to navigate through it. I decided to bounce instead.
And bouncing is a lot more fun. New heights, new perspective! By the way, Zoom Park is located near Jurong East so good for you if you live in the West. It is quite a private area so you would still need to do a bus transfer! But for those who are looking for a more cosy place, Zoom Park may be for you.
My favourite was the Dodgeball yea. I think I would have enjoyed the basketball team match too, but it was construction at that time. I guess despite my lack of stamina and hatred to sweat, playing dodgeball on a trampoline made me exercise without knowing. I had really bad aches all over my body the next day but it was all worth it! :D
For you readers who are neither kids nor adults with kids, the Zoom Night may be of interest of you too. It is basically a "clubbing experience" minus the alcohol. I guess it is alternative way to sweat it out and have fun whether with your family or friends!
When I was there, I saw so many children parties going on and I can imagine why this is like the new MacDonald's party for them. It has all their favorite food/ snacks. Yummy pizzas, eclairs, pretty fruits <3 And at the end of the day they even have a swag goodie bag and pair of sticky socks to bring home. (Maybe you can go home and be Spiderman too!
So after working out, I literally feed the calories right back into my body. Damn. On a side note, for any of you who are keen to learn some tricks to impress your friends, you can even join the Jump Acrobat programme, where you get to learn basic gymnastics skills. I guess I am too late to start on it, but you still can!

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