Sunday, December 3, 2017

Fan of Fancy Handfans

You may have seen on my Instagram story this gorgeous fan, which consist a fusion of the East and the West (中西合拼). Since it generated quite a little buzz on Instagram among my friends, I thought I should do a full post here to share with you a little more about this beauty.

Don't be too surprised but this fan is totally handmade. In fact all the fans at Fancy Handfans! "Stay Cool, Look Hot!" this is a super dupe apt quote for people living on a sunny island.

The weather in Singapore has been pretty uncooperative lately. So instead of being caught with beads of perspiration around my forehead, I now put a fan in my bag to keep myself cool. It is a lot better than an electronic fan because (i) it is more eco-friendly, (ii) thanks to its chic design, it really looks more like a fashion accessory upping my style of the day and (iii) it provides me some exercise. Hehe.

If you are from the same part of the world as me, fans are pretty common and part of our culture. But sometimes are always very tradition and may not blend in with our modern outlook. Which is partially why I wanted to share with you guys on Fancy Handfans!

We all know what you wear can either make or break a look. But now I know that a good well-designed can give the look the "oopmh". At Fancy Handfans, there are many designs available for each occasion. Psst, even Christina Aguilera wore one of their fans to The Voice USA!

I, myself had a difficult time picking the designs. From quirky, goth, retro, striking, you name it, they pretty much have it all. These are some of the designs that caught my eye. Go click on the link and you can check out the others!

Before anyone condemn this collage as narcissistic selfies, these are actually me imitating some of the flirtatious fan signs. Just so you know, you can actually use your fans to tell your suitors your availability and your level of passion towards them. Hehe.

Here's where I got my inspiration from, try them out yourself! If you going to take photos like me, tag Fancy Handfans when posting them on Instagram. I only tried 4, but there are a whole list of language! Let me know if you can guess what I am doing :D

And just to make it more interesting, if you can successfully guess my actions, I will be giving away a fan to a lucky reader who got 4 signs right! I did try to choose a fan which was more classy and mainstream so that it will appeal to most of you :D

Have fun! Will try to close the giveaway before 2018 so that you can keep cool in the hot 2018! :D By the way, I will be using my fan for a photoshoot soon, so do keep a lookout for it!

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