Friday, June 22, 2018

Bangkok Cafe Hopping: Little Zoo Cafe

Sorry about it guys, I had been very busy with "adulting problems". I will just share with you guys something more cheerful...aka my Thailand travels during this tiring period okay, just too brain-drain to come out with something creative.

The last time I went to Bangkok, I went to the Cat Cafe (read my post here) and it was a ball of fun. So this time, I brought my gals to Little Zoo Cafe, which many of you may have heard of already. And it did not disappoint. Just so you know, most of our photos from the trip came from there. Hahaha.

For a small fee, less than S$15 for sure, you get a pair of free socks, a drink and dessert (or toy) and unlimited amount of free time with the animals. For such novelty places in Singapore, the food sold would normally be bleh. But the cafe food in Bangkok always surpass all expectations whether in presentation, taste or price. :P

I actually had a hard time picking the desserts and the toy (wooden spoon or plates) cos they were pretty adorable in their own way. cleaning is driving me crazy back at home and I told myself I can't deal with any more of such shit. haha. So I picked food! Yum!

Apart from the usual cats and dogs (mainly corgis and chiawawas), you get hedgehogs (which is so gentle and cute), giant rabbits (impossible to carry), foxes and other wildlife which names slipped out of my brain...oops. Haha.

We arrived around evening time so most of the animals were lethargic by then. I definitely did not catch as many number of animals as they promised online. But the cats and dogs were enough to keep me busy. The chiwawas in particular, I never knew they had so much energy!

My favourite animal was the brown chiwawa I had on my lap. If you ever go to Little Zoo Cafe, it has boundless energy (like me) chasing and barking at everything it sees. It took me a while to tame it and it fell asleep on my lap. awww <3 Less photos with everything I guess.

The hedgehog was really cute as well but I am a little bit scared that it may fall and die or prick and injure me. But among the wild, prohibited pets, this prickly one was definitely my favourite, and when it sneezed (yes it sneezes), it was just so adorb watching its needles do a fan dance. <3

Highly recommended cafe. To Mum who is reading this, I did not bring home lice!!! Now it is just time for a real pet!!!

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