Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Giveaway: Pedi Angel (As Seen in Heaven)

Before After
Do you want callous clear feet like mine too? That is the real before and after effects of using the product. It rolls away the dead skin that is piling up, and so the effect would be brighter, smoother feet. :)
My feet peels really easily, so this product is really a God-send. Cos now I can play footsies under the table. Seduction should never be done in such a wide open space, should it?
Pedi Angel
So the product that I used was Pedi Angel. Have you seen it on TV before? I know some of us have pretty bad experience buying products that we see on TV and it doesn't really work. Pedi Angel because it seems easy to use and seems to be able to promise some results. So I tested it out.
Guess what, it really works. And it works very well too. For me, it has changed my perspective on those dubious "Seen on TV" ads. Pedi Angel is basically a electronic feet exfoliator, making the removal of dead skin effortless. You just on the button and scrap your feet through the rollers. Viola~ Smooth skin.
The only drawback I can find on this product is the loud noise it makes. Sound a bit like a machine doesn't it? But the positives of Pedi Angel are endless in comparison. For the cheapskates, you will be glad to know, each box comes with 4 Stone Refills. A family of 4, great each 1 of you can use 1 roller. You don't have to worry about hygiene issues when sharing. *Thumbs up*
If you have any old folks at home, Pedi Angel is really helpful in maintaining their feet. From the noise it makes, you may think this product is not gentle at all. But really, it depends on hard you push it against your skin. If you run it gently, the friction would not burn your feet.
Dead Skin
Dead Skin Alert! Apart from your feet, you can also use it on the other parts of your body if you want. I won't recommend that unless you are using another roller cos I always have this impression that the feet is the dirtiest part of our body.
Instead of spending your money at the spa, you can now create a leg spa at the comfort of your own home! That's a lot of cost savings from Pedi Angel considering the product itself doesn't even cost as much as a spa. You don't have even need to use it X times to get your money worth.
For those who worry about the product maintenance, cleaning it is not particularly difficult. Like most foot exfoliator, you should clean it after use. The roller is removable from the holder. The holder itself should avoid any contact with water.The Pedi Angel comes with a tiny brush so you can use that to swipe away any dead skin stuck in the device.
To clean the roller, the fastest way is to wash it under a running tap. Leave it to dry and it is ready for the next use. Simple right?
Discount Code
I ended off the foot regime with a feet mask and a lot other masks. Looking so freaky. Lol! If you would like to own your own Pedi Angel As Seen On TV has kindly given you my readers 10% off your purchase if you quote "ForFunk". While stocks last, quote expires on 31/10/2015. On top of that, one of you would also win a free set+refill set if you purchased with my code!!
Drop me a comment once you have done purchasing so that I can follow up for you. May the odds ever be in your favour.

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