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Som Tam - Thai Fusion Restaurant Review

Not surprising from my moniker, my favourite cuisine is Thai - rich, savory spicy food. Given that when I eat out, this is the usually the Top 3 cuisines I would eat, I think I can provide a pretty fair, but maybe slightly bias perspective.
Fortunately, it is once again a sibling get-together day. So, my brother has kindly decided to contribute feedback to make sure the review is not skewed in any sense. My brother's favourite cuisine is Chinese and seafood (Is that even a cuisine? *Roll Eyes). 
Here's a photo of the happy siblings indulging in their delicious platter. So a brief introduction of Som TamSom Tam is part of the Jus Delish Group, which owns Ghin Kao, Kwan Inn Vegetarian and Talay Kata as well. All the dishes are the creative product of their managing director, Ralph Liow. 
Som Tam is more known for their Thai Fusion Dining. So a lot of the dishes are slight twist from the traditional Thai Food in a good, yummy way. They are considerably trendy in their ingredients so don't be shock by seeing truffle, burgers or even salted egg as ingredients in their menu.
Som Tam has a new menu launched in 1st December. So what we had last evening was mostly the signature dishes from their menu. Tom Yum is a must have when you are in a Thai Restaurant. So mostly, you see them either red, or colourless. This is the first time I have ever seen Tom Yum Black.
Presenting Tom Yum Black, the soup base is stewed, simmered for 3 hours before adding the squid ink and the feast of fresh seafood. When we saw Sotong inside the soup, we pretty much guess the black came from squid ink. I didn't try the prawns but my brother said the prawns were bitter maybe cos from the squid ink. If you don't like something too spicy, you might want to tell the chef beforehand, because this was way hot even for my standards.
I don't think this is entirely Thai, but the Deep Fried Chicken with Creamy Salted Egg is so dang good. I endorse it. Please order it if you are there. It is not that uncommon in Singapore, but Som Tam did it better. I lost all table manners as I unabashedly gobbled up the last piece, scraps and the plate if I could.
Even my brother did not make snide remarks about "Nothing Special". Mind you, he will say such stuff when he eats. Talk about hurting a chef's feelings. But this one really pleased him. He was like "thumbs up".
If you are seafood lover, you might want to try King Crab Pasta as well. It reminded us a lot of a very delicious angel-hair pasta we had in another restaurant. Not the type with gravy, the noodles is doused mild Tom Yum seasoning. But it is not spicy at all.
The only grouse the critical siblings was that it can be quite messy to eat if you don't know how to handle the pincer. I would say I am an expert in it after someone shown me once. :D My brother is quite the contrary. It is not that difficult but you just need to know the technique. But the mess was worth it according to my brother.
Thirsty, here are some drinks which may be of interest to you.
  1. Thai Iced Tea - A must have at all Thai Restaurant but my brother thinks it is nothing special.
  2. Coconut Mojito - Something special, he swapped his Thai Iced Tea for mine, cos a ChaaYen must have ChaaYen.
  3. Yuzu Honey Iced - My brother says it is nothing special, but I find it a good thirst quencher and something that is lighter after a savory meal.
  4. Thai Green Tea Freeze - The brother thinks it is more special than the milk tea. Yea, actually most people like the Green Tea compared to the Milk Tea. Cos I think there is the additional pandan scent in it. 
If you have a sweet tooth like me, don't miss out the desserts. You might need to take 2 instead of 1 portion. Haha. Everybody loves the Mango Sticky Rice, so we just had to try it. The Sticky Rice is once again shockingly black, because it is the Or Chu Bei (Black Gluttonous Rice I think, sorry very sure with the English name).
It was a very nice combination, better than the original and even the one I had in Bangkok Airport. It doesn't look that great in photos, but please don't give it a miss. It is named the Mango with Black Sticky Rice by the way.
If you wants something that gives you good Instagram photos, I would recommend the Charcoal Toast. At first I thought it was just cream and ice-cream. But no, it has salted egg for you to drench the toast.
I am quite a salted egg lover, so I thought there should be more salted egg concoction. It is not just a look-good dessert ok, it is a piece of heaven, sinful one though. Yikes.
And here's some other food we had that didn't stand up as much.
  1. Deep Fried Tom Yum Soft Shell Crab 
  2. Pan-Seared Salmon Rice Burger - The rice was really the plain rice so we actually mixed with the Tom Yum Soup. My brother felt some soya sauce to dip would be nice. The Salmon is pretty good though. 
  3. Krapaw Neua - Good but too full liao to even think of licking the plate.
som-tam-ambassadorsYou are definitely likely to come back for more because firstly you will be very satisfied with the food. And secondly, there is really no way you can try everything during a visit. Looking at my brother's face of confusion, so flustered with what to start first. So I thought I would want to share with you the Membership E-card.
Just for a sign up fee of S$19.90, you will get S$30 worth of full value, And every 10% of the bill each visit will be converted into points. And on your birthday, you get another S$25 with double the points! Also you might want to check out their platform which let you have access to prioirty booking. And if they fail to deliver your first dish after 15 mins you arrived at the restaurant, the next meal is on them!!! Great deal right!
If you want to read more about my Thai Food recommendation in Bangkok, you may check out this post. :D

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