Monday, May 21, 2018

Food Tour Part 10: Japanese Food at Town Area

I am going to do more food posts because I have so many photos in my phone that it is in a stage of "ridiculousness" (if there is even such a word) Hehe. This is a whole series on Jap food/ ramen. Guess I got a craving for it ... Hehe.

We came here specially for the Special Fromage (Cheese) Ramen because I was telling the BF about the instant cheese ramen and offered to cook for him. Guess he doesn't like my cooking cos he whizzed me off for this cheese ramen which is interestingly good. But, I don't think it is something I will always have a craving for.

Actually it is hard to go wrong with ramen but my all time favourite is still Orchid Hotel and its branch at 100AM.

I love my raw salmons so I think I have quite a discerning tongue. And this is great with generous portion of salmon. Yum. I heard their other raw fish are great and very fresh. But, hehe, I picked salmon over them all.

They all feel like the fatty, belly part. Would highly recommend this place if you love sashimi bowls. The price is considerably affordable as it is a set meal. But the portion makes it feel like an ala-carte *drools as typing*

I decided to remain consistent and name it the same thing haha. Honestly, I dono whether they change, but their ramen taste exceptionally good the day I went. The BF felt the queue at my favourite Orchid Hotel's ramen store was too long so we settled for this. But it didn't feel like settling for second best.

Broth wise, it is fantastic but still doesn't beat the ramen at Orchid Hotel. But ingredient wise, I love the drumstick. I think I just prefer chicken over pork. Was wondering if I should do some research and give you the full name of the shop. Neh, for self-interest in keeping the queue short, you shall need to do some work yourself. :)

More food post coming up~~~in case you are not into Jap food.

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