Monday, July 2, 2018

Snoopy Run 2018: Running with the Peanuts Gang

Last weekend, I successfully completed the Snoopy Run! Wheee~~~ and I am proud to say for the first time in my life, I didn't stop and the only time I took a break was for water once at the water station. Timing wise, I don't think I did very well considering my Bro decided to abandon me halfway.

But I think it is a great start. It has been a long while since I have gone for a "fun run" and Snoopy Run I can assure you is an ultra family-friendly fun run. If you have not been training, you will be relieved to know that there are many human road-blocks leisurely walking so you won't be stressed!

Personally, I didn't really like the gravel trail at Bedok Reservoir cos I am too used to proper tracks and the treadmills. #spoilt But I do enjoy the nice scenery during the run. This includes wildlife, hunky dragon boaters etc. Muhahaha! For me Bedok is very out of the way, so we woke up like 6am for the run?!?

But still, I even see my friends from the West at the run. In fact, I saw a lot of familiar faces despite the crowd. Guess that's the charm of the Peanuts Gang!!! Compared to other runs, this run is quite no-frills thus it is more affordable.

But still, it did not shortchange its participants on photo moments. We ended up taking photos an hour before the run and another round of photo session after the run. The best thing is there is even a volunteer photographer at each photo spot. And they are highly professional. I think they can even take better than my Bro. My Mum was gushing over the photos we sent home. Hehe.

There were a lot of people so the queue was pretty long but because of the volunteers stationed at each photo spot, there wasn't cases of people hogging the photo spots! :P

For the run, I actually did consider running with the Snoopy Plushie, but lugging the race packs back from Plaza Sing nearly broke my arms (I collected for my bro too) so I knew if I had to run with a Plushie on my back, I am not gonna make it. And my Bro told me siao, he is not carrying excessive stuff for me.

Psss...he actually helped my carry my water bottle during the run so I can't really push my luck too much. But it was probably a good idea I didn't bring the Plushie cos I perspired a lot during the run. Hehe :) Can't wait for my next run already!!!

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