Wednesday, July 21, 2021

Finally no more dog ears

Now that my laptop is down, I have spending a lot of time clearing my miscellaneous stuff (which I have no idea there's so much of) and finally picking up my book again. Are you like me? I hate getting dog ears on my books or even dirt/ folds on the cover page. Hence, I barely bring my books out. 

I have always been wondering "why is there no solution for this?" This is when I came across the book sleeve from Kayithj. It is what I am looking for and even better still, it is pretty and stylish. I went for the Large size because I have a habit of tagging interesting pages in case I want to refer back.

After stuffing in my book, there is still space for stationery. If you have the habit of doddling or dairying on the go, this book sleeve works well too! For mummies like me, this cover can also fit 1 hard cover baby book along with Mummy's book should we choose to go out and chill pinic-style.

There are quite a bit of quirky designs available. It is quite up my alley, fyi if any of you want to send any media drops/ fan gifts to us in future. :P It costs about $30+ for a piece. I would think the price is still considered reasonable given the quality for a made-to-order pieceKayithj holds quite a bit of items and we will be reviewing their other pieces too, so do keep a look out for them!

Note: Laptop is down, so posts won't be as frequent!

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