Sunday, December 6, 2015

Lazy Sunday: Korean Craze

Alive Queen
Not all museums are educational. Presenting one of the most fun and interactive museums in Singapore - Alive Museum. If you are like me, your happiness depends on the number of photos taken, you would love such places. You don't have to keep your hands to yourself and are free to touch all the exhibits.
Previously, I wrote an article on the survival tricks at Trick Eye Musuem. The tricks apply here too! So this time round, I decided to put the 2 museums on a comparison test!
The Little Mermaid1. Price
In terms of ticket price, both cost S$25 for adults. Currently, Alive Museum is offering kids come free promotion. Alive Museum can be said to be more family friendly. If you are considering to visit both, you might be quite disappointed to know that both have "clashing" exhibitions 
a. Little Mermaid - Guess a fishy beauty is hard to resist
b. Explosion though a canon - Everyone loves a good blast!
c. Whirlpool vortex - Sinking into good fun. Hahaha
d. Angel Wings - Who says no to heaven!
I only caught sight of 3. There could be more though. But generally, the concept of the museums are the same. So, if you only have time/ money for one, just pick the museum is more suitable for you.
Alive Museum
2. Lighting
In this aspect, Trick Eye Museum wins hands-down. It could be the spot-light or the paint quality. Hate to be blunt, but the photos in Alive Museum doesn't look as vibrant or pretty than those taken in Trick Eye Museum. Both museums have their classic pieces, and boy they don't disappoint! :)
3. Location
Both museums are located pretty conveniently. Trick Eye Museum is at Sentosa is pretty accessible for tourists. However, there is an additional cost to enter the museum. Alive Museum is situated at Suntec, where there is great food and shopping! Yipee! Personally, I prefer Alive Museum's location cos there are more local stuff to do after the visit. :) 
Do Visit Kimchi Restaurant. We had our lunch there and Oh My, it is super value for money. We ate till our tummy was bursting. Less than 30 bucks for 2 with the sides and dessert! Plus their owner is yummy! LOL!
4. Quantity
If you are someone who is into quantity over quality, you would definitely want to visit Alive Museum because they have more exhibitions for sure! Because of the sheer number, all the exhibitions are pretty cramp though. Personally, I felt they were pretty disorganised. Each themed exhibitions are segmented via hidden doors. Not much of a surprise person :(
Alive Couple
5. Revisitation
Visited the museums before, you will be glad to know that Alive Museum has undergone some revamped. The classics are the still there. But there is around 30% new themes which you can explore! Woohoo! One of my favourite new exhibition were the "Love" So many opportunities for couple grope shots LOL! Actually to think of it, it is an excellent place for pre-wedding shots <3
Jump Pika Jump
6. Imitation
If you are dangerously uncreative and need help with the pictures at the side to do the poses. Trick Eye Museum would be more suitable for you, young Padawan! BF is definitely better at creating his own shots instead of being a follower! Generally, the moves at Alive is much tougher with so much jump shots and odd bends, lotsa blurred photos. Queen of stretches...Not

Just to end off with a fan service. Saw Ji Chang Wook there! OMG Fan girl Haha. Hot guys are all irresistible.

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